News: Gucci & Kering advance circular fashion with Circular Hub

The Circular Hub aims to drive innovation and create synergies to accelerate the circular transformation of luxury fashion

EU adopts “Sustainable Products Initiative” for more circular economy

The European Commission agrees: products must be a new source of raw materials to reduce waste

Circular economy - a concept from nature secures our future

Circular economy is currently the most sought-after concept for a sustainable future. About a concept that brings together continued prosperity and the preservation of resources

"Mission to Net Zero": The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary

Green technologies, future-proof knowledge & global synergies for transformative change - that's what the Greentech Festival 2023 promises

Gucci Continues to Pursue its Sustainability Goals

Whether it's an innovative platform or a perfume based on pure alcohol: Gucci is once again setting a milestone on the way to a sustainable fashion and beauty industry

Radiant Matter and Stella McCartney debut botanical sequins

With BioSequins, the British designer and the material innovation start-up show recyclable sequins for the textile industry

New Work: Sustainable office furniture in the office and what to look out for

In times of New Work, positive impulses count in the office and home office - sustainable office furniture plays a major role

Sustainability and innovation dominate Milan Design Week

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 shows how creative design and sustainability can stand side by side on an equal footing

Kering sets new sustainability target: 40% emission reduction by 2035

French luxury conglomerate Kering announces new target for greenhouse gas balance

Sustainable fashion: Timeless & limited collections redefine value

New impulses: How Liapure Design Studio meets modern demands for sustainable fashion, quality and luxury with timeless essentials