The best eco-restaurants in South Africa

Eating regionally and healthy on vacation in South Africa. We show the best eco-friendly organic restaurants outside the mainstream in Cape Town City

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Wild Peacock owner Sue & Ross Baker Image by Wild Peacock

Not only in Europe are more and more sustainable Restaurants. This positive trend is also taking hold in South Africa and is opening up travelers new ways to sustainable enjoyment.

Sustainable tourism in South Africa

The thought of the glistening light of South Africa arouses longing in the northern European souls. Not just climatic and scenic Africa southern tip appealing, also fulfills all culinary wishes.

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There are many reasons to travel to South Africa

Cape Town's restaurants are known for their excellent cuisine, very good value for money, and for their wonderful wines known. The handling of food is also special in many places. In Cape Town and the surrounding area, more and more are betting Restaurant owner on local organic products and value that their business has a positive impact on the community in other ways.

More sustainability in tourism and enjoyment. More and more organic restaurants are now making this possible in distant South Africa.

Our top 5 organic restaurants in Cape Town

  1. Wild Peacock, Stellenbosch
  2. The Pool Room, Oak Valley
  3. Seabreeze Fish & Shell, Bree Street
  4. The Table at de Meye, Stellenbosch
  5. El Burro, Green Point, Newlands & Tamboerskloof


 1. Wild Peacock, Stellenbosch

Mom Sue and son Ross Baker turned their passion into a profession when they opened their restaurant in 2013. Their mission: All products are organic and are obtained sustainably and directly from the environment. The use of micro-herbs in the Wild Peacock kitchen is also new and distinctive. The cheese selection is also exceptional.

By the way: Many products can be purchased in the associated Wild Peacock Products store.

 2. The Pool Room, Oak Valley

“Farm-to-fork” is the principle behind the African cuisine at The Pool Room. The products grow on the in-house farm. In Oak Valley the cattle eat their grass in the wild meadow, the pigs are fed acorns. The Pool Room scores with fresh delicacies and natural vegetables. Wines and picnics can also be enjoyed here. Reservation is recommended.

3. Seabreeze Fish & Shell, Bree Street

Not only do the fish that land on the plates at Seabreeze Fish & Shell come from domestic seas. The owners make sure that their other suppliers and partners also take care of the well-being of the seas. Except for the King Prawns, everything comes from the South African seas and the immediate vicinity.

4. The Table at de Meye, Stellenbosch

In the middle of the Stellenbosch vineyards there is pleasure for all the senses. The menu changes here every week, depending on what the in-house garden has to offer. The owners of The Table look closely at their suppliers. Only regional and seasonal vegetables are used. So it's not surprising: The Table at de Meye is committed to building a better food system in South Africa.

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 5. El Burro, Green Point, Newslands & Tamboerskloof

Authentic Mexican cuisine is a delight for the palate. El Burro scores at three locations not only with Latin American specialties, but also with the fact that their restaurants use alternative energies. 60 percent LED lights are already significantly reducing power consumption.

Further measures in the near future: Environmentally friendly heat pumps are replacing the old instantaneous water heaters. Small electrical devices and lamps will soon also be powered by solar power.


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