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The concept of luxury is changing. Members-only clubs show that luxury today means access, exchange and community

Membership only club
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A new generation of (club) hotels revolutionizes the Travel industry on a global level: Members-Only Clubs. Access here is only granted to those who qualify as members of the respected destinations. However, once you've done this, you can enjoy the benefits of membership worldwide. For example, the Soho House - one of the most renowned members-only clubs - has locations from Berlin to Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

The reason for the boom in the travel concept is the increasing need to build profound relationships, to belong to a community and to consolidate them through extraordinary experiences. Although the clubs in terms of design and service are in High-end Segment and their exclusivity in the traditional sense luxuriös is, it is about a more conscious one Definition of luxury. Classic houses can thus satisfy every wish in terms of comfort, but not newly developing customer needs.

Social developments encourage a more meaningful definition of luxury

Due to today's media savvy, fast pace and current measures such as social distancing, connections form the core of the new needs. Member clubs form a platform to promote social exchange, initiate networking in physical and digital spaces and connect like-minded individuals.

A unique concept that offers the wealthy generations Y and Z in particular opportunities to experience luxury in a more meaningful way. In a world where prosperity seems more natural to many people than social belonging despite a pandemic, access is redefining the concept of luxury.


Luxury as an unparalleled approach

As long as long-distance travel and designer clothing are democratized and therefore accessible to more and more people, this understanding of luxury appears increasingly banal. Unprecedented, exclusive and luxurious are things that cannot simply be bought for the sake of consumption. Rather, luxury means promoting well-being, expanding one's horizons, and intellectual and creative stimulation through the right network.

Be it a trip for fun or work, members-only clubs are places where people who share the same values ​​come together. However, this is not about creating a platform for people from the same professional or cultural environment. The same values ​​refer to mutual respect, a thirst for knowledge and the idea of ​​a global community. This ethos of diversity should inspire and create the cohesion of visionary, open personalities.

The spatial epitome of work-life balance

Different clubs have different focuses. While the Soho House was initially intended to link artists and media professionals, the Prior Travel Club aims to promote cultural and biodiversity. However, all clubs have the common mission to give their members the opportunity to grow creatively, personally and professionally. Restaurants, spas, work areas and demonstration rooms are therefore provided and serve for the development of the members - in the context of a good work-life balance.

Many clubs started this concept by hosting events and testing it out. From this the desire to stay in contact with inspiring personalities developed organically. In addition to the spatial areas, many houses also offer the opportunity to participate in curated workshops and events in order to further strengthen the community.

The agony of choice: Arts Club or Soho House?

Which member club suits you depends on personal interests and existing contacts. Different benefits are more or less attractive for different people and the recommendation of a well-known member can shorten the application process. To give you an overview, we show our top 5 members-only clubs and everything you need to know about them.

These are our top 5 members-only clubs

  1. Soho House
  2. prior
  3. CORE
  4. The Arts Club London
  5. Annabel's

1. Soho House

The world-famous club owes its name to its first location in London's Soho district. There it should offer a platform to local artists, musicians and actors. The club now has 27 locations from Mumbai to Barcelona to Los Angeles. And still with the aim of promoting creativity. To follow this ethos, every Soho House not only offers restaurants, spas and work areas, but also events such as mentoring programs.

The design reflects the cultural influences of the location. For example, the interior in Berlin is inspired by the Bauhaus style and the history of the listed building in Mitte. In the Cowsehd Spa, which is even open to non-members, or at the rooftop pool you can forget the stress of the metropolis. Depending on where and whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you should still consider one of the various membership options. Those who like to travel should opt for the Every House membership. This enables access to every Soho House worldwide. In addition, the Local House membership gives you access to the nearest location.

soho house

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2nd prior

The Prior Traveler's Club positions itself as a platform for cultural diversity and the protection of the planet. As part of this mission, Prior organizes trips, events and parties around the globe to connect members. Based on member preferences, in-house experts create personalized trips - including access to exclusive accommodations and experiences. With regional and cultural expertise, members expect such authentic trips. Be it in Africa, Mexico, Australia or Scandinavia - Prior Members travel in harmony with nature and local tradition and culture.

In order to participate in these trips, members will always be informed of new plans. For this purpose, membership takes place via an application process and an annual fee.


CORE acts as an international platform for lateral thinkers and leaders. The founder's vision is to create a space for the modern zeitgeist - space for visionaries worldwide. CORE wants to bring together different cultural influences and thus find progressive solutions to promote change. Members are therefore brought together between selected art, cultural programs, personal hygiene and an exclusive culinary offer.

The members of the Members-Only Club are not reduced to their schooling or their work in a specific industry. Rather, interesting careers, alternative solutions and visions form the basis of a qualification. This can be requested online. Members with membership status can either maintain their network in the digital space or in the New York and Milan locations.

4. The Arts Club, London

The London club for members was founded in 1863. Intended as a place to meet people who deal professionally as well as amateurishly with art, literature and science, the house has become an institution. Exceptional artists like the writer Charles Dickens are among its members and even today high society is scrambling for access. This includes the club house, exclusive music and leisure events, culinary highlights and spa and fitness areas.

In 2011 the club celebrated its re-launch after a renovation and since then has fascinated even more visionaries from the fields of art, fashion, architecture, music and science. As a center for creative and entrepreneurial sponsors, it reflects contemporary London life and forms the basis of a productive network. The requirements for membership differ for people under and over 30 in order to encourage the participation of young generations. Relatives of existing members also enjoy advantages.

art club london

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5. Annabel's

Annabels' is considered to be London's most prestigious members-only club. Exclusivity and the protection of privacy have top priority in the corporate philosophy. No wonder that stars like Diana Ross, Tina Turner or Lady Gaga not only appear as star acts, but are also members of the club. Rumor has it that Annabel's is the only club Queen Elizabeth II has ever visited. The design of the Gregorian town house is suitably opulent: strong colors, unusual patterns and top-class art and sculptures.

The meeting place for high society is in the noble district of Mayfair. Members can attend private dinners and parties, attend music events or choose from various in-house restaurants and be pampered by star chefs and sommeliers. Since the concept aims to give the elite the feeling of being able to move around carefree in an exclusive setting, only people who are invited by existing members can become members.


Source & Copyright by Annabel's


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