Best of Tiny Houses - Secret Getaway not just for Treehuggers

 These top 5 tiny houses prove how comfortable little space can be and are definitely worth a visit

Arcana Mirror Tiny House
Source & Copyright by Arcana

Author: Julia Schindler

Tiny house small inside, but with great potential

Tiny House - cozy inside, high quality, chic and not as small as you might think from the outside. Because Tiny House Designs offer a high quality of life in small rooms and encourage people to think about the importance of having a lot of property. Although the Microhouses Above all, function and practicality are in the foreground, the mini houses also show how aesthetics and luxury design works in small spaces. Thus, our top 5 should also inspire us to look at sustainable living from a different perspective.

  1. Luxury Tiny House (tailoreditinyco)
  2. The Wikkelhouse
  3. APH80
  4. fincube
  5. Arcana

1. Luxury Tiny-House (tailoredtinyco) in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

How tiny: 22sqm - 9x2, 40x4, 60h meters

Lisa Trantner and Matt Hobbs planned and built their tiny house themselves. The chic black box with a corrugated iron facade is reminiscent of a container house. But the residential idyll is significantly increased by the addition of a spacious terrace with awnings. In addition, the small house with many windows, such as a large skylight, appears wide and open.

During the day it is naturally flooded with light. Otherwise, the large ceiling lighting in the living room creates a cozy atmosphere: a real design highlight in the tiny house inside - light bulbs of various lengths hang from a grid surrounded by plants.

  Source and copyright by The Tailored Tiny Co.

On the lower floor there is a living room, a fully-fledged one kitchen with a white marble worktop and a spacious bathroom. The staircase, which runs over the cupboard system in the kitchen, leads to two bedrooms, which are connected by a corridor. In addition, both rooms are equipped with a large double bed.

You can also stand upright on this floor. All in all, every space in the entire house was used efficiently and the open living space was optically enlarged with mirrors.

The Australian couple have given a lot of thought to the topic of sustainability when defining their living space, good insulation, the use of recycled materials and their sewage system for biological waste. They still get their water and energy from the public grid - but the house should be completely self-sufficient.

 Source and copyright by The Tailored Tiny Co.

2. Wikkelhouse, various locations

How tiny: 5,5 square meters per segment - 4,5x1, 2x3, 5h meters - total size variable

The Dutch studio "Fiction Factor" has developed an innovative living concept for a modular tiny house made of corrugated cardboard. It's quick and inexpensive to build, environmentally friendly, and durable. It withstands the effects of weather for over a hundred years and with the help of a protective coating, the service life can be extended.

The Wikkelhouse is machine-wound from 24 layers of cardboard and glued. In addition, the sandwich structure made of corrugated cardboard and wood is robust and insulated. Flax is also used for noise and heat insulation. A protective film makes the construction waterproof.

photo credit © Wikkelhouse / Yvonne Witte

Any number of module segments can be assembled one behind the other to create a personal tiny house. These are normally set up on a substructure and the entrance area is supplemented by a staircase and terrace. In addition, solar panels can be installed on the roof. Inside the Tiny House a unique wooden charm is created and creativity is offered the possibility of individual furnishing.

Only a built-in kitchenette and a wood stove can be booked in advance. However, a variety of small round windows can be added to increase the exposure through the glass front of the house.

3. APH80, various locations

How tiny: 27sqm - 9x3x3, 5h meters

The Spanish architecture firm “baton Arquitectura” has developed a series of comfortable mini houses with “APH80” that can be transported and relocated on a truck. The house has a rectangular basic shape with a gable roof and is completely clad with gray cement wood panels.

Foldable panel elements are used to cover the windows and doors during transport - to a completely closed facade. The tiny house has a huge glass surface made of sliding door elements and two simple windows on the sides. In this way, the living space is naturally lit and is close to the landscape. Furthermore, the wood surfaces made of fir wood are delicately whitewashed inside.

The core of the mobile house is a freely furnished living room and an integrated kitchenette. In addition, there is a bedroom for two people and a bathroom with a built-in standard shower in the areas adjacent to the right and left. Most of the materials used can be recycled and the concept can be expanded independently.

Source & Copyright by ÁBATON

4. Fincube in Unterinn, South Tyrol, Italy (model house)

How tiny: 47sqm - 7x7x5h meters

The designer Werner Aisslinger developed a somewhat more spacious Tiny House for living in the countryside. The facade of the square “Fincube” consists of a 360-degree panorama window front, which is framed by a wooden frame construction. The result is an open feeling of space and a luxurious ambience.

The tiny house stands on four support points, which become an optical base through the wooden cladding. The construction makes it possible to move the house to a different location within a few days, via dismantling and reassembly. In addition, the flat roof can be greened or equipped with a solar system. In addition, electricity, water and sewage connections are provided via the regular network.

Source & Copyright by Fincube

The efficient electric radiant heating is a special feature. The materials used - wood, glass, ceramic and steel - are as sustainable and recyclable as possible. The living room has an open design and is divided into areas from the center of the room using modular wall and functional panels. As a result, the room volume is used efficiently and set in scene.

The sequence of rooms - hall, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom - is based on a spiral structure. In addition, the three-meter-high interiors are clad with larch and stone pine. In addition, the puristic basic equipment of the rooms offers a lot of leeway for one individual furnishing.

Source & Copyright by Fincube

5. Arcana in Canada

How tiny: 26sqm

The Arcana microhouses should offer the opportunity to get back to nature and thus to a better sense of well-being. Scientists have shown that a break in nature lowers the stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure. In doing so, the tiny houses become one with their surroundings and pursue the goal of not only having no visual impact on nature, but also not harming the landscape ecologically.

Sustainability not only runs through the architecture of the microhouses. The local economy is also supported by the small houses by working with local manufacturers and craftsmen and furnishing the inside of the tiny houses. In addition, audio guides will be developed with local experts on flora and fauna for the guests taking a break from nature.

Source and copyright by Arcana

The inside of the tiny houses should also reflect nature and bring people and nature into harmony. That is why the microhouses have used large windows and natural materials such as wood. They are reduced to the essentials, but still offer a high-quality, luxurious stay.

Source & Copyright by Arcana

Inspired by the tiny house lifestyle

Through the creative implementation and loving details, it quickly becomes clear that life in a tiny house also entails a change in attitudes and encourages new thinking. Even if you don't live in a mini house, tiny houses serve as a great source of inspiration for sustainable living.


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