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Author: Julia Schindler

Whether passionate professional, hobby cook or kitchen rookie: cooking is part of everyday life. As a passion, hobby, leisure activity with friends and family and only as a duty. Especially in view of the Corona crisis, which now makes restaurant visits feel almost like utopia. The consequence: we conjure up delicacies for ourselves - sometimes more and sometimes less successfully. While selected products such as organic delicacies are already part of the recipe for success, kitchen helpers simplify the preparation of various recipes, simplify everyday life and also give the kitchen a stylish upgrade.

Particularly important for kitchen gadgets: functionality and performance, quality and durability as well as pioneering design. More and more companies are therefore committed to cooperation with professionals, the selection of robust materials and the filigree elaboration of details. This creates products that are considered to be of particularly high quality and therefore durable. There is no question that longevity is closely linked to sustainability, as it prevents excessive consumption and waste production. Nevertheless: It is also important to look at the entire value chain in order to make environmentally friendly decisions. In terms of the circular economy, gadgets that are made of recyclable or natural materials are therefore preferable.

Only those who cook healthy eat healthy

As kitchen gadgets come into direct contact with them and therefore with our body for the preparation of our food, special care must be taken when selecting them. So they affect not only the cooking experience, but also health. To protect the body from the absorption of toxins, it is important to avoid products that contain chemical pollutants.

Two kitchen classics with serious consequences

For example, the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is classified as highly toxic, is often used for the production of Tupperware. Since it is contained in almost all plastic products, it is important to always check storage boxes and other containers made of plastic or plastics. Also found in almost every kitchen and yet classified as questionable: pans with Teflon coating (PTFE). The heavy use and heating of Teflon cause toxins to escape. These are absorbed directly into the body by eating the prepared dish.

Health and environmentally friendly kitchen gadgets alternatives

As is so often the case, questionable products can be avoided by choosing high-quality and sustainable alternatives. These include pans with a stainless steel, ceramic or cast iron coating, kitchen gadgets made from certified natural materials or innovative alternatives for the manufacture of dishes.

We show which kitchen aids meet these requirements and combine sustainability, functionality and design.

These kitchen gadgets are practical, stylish and sustainable

  1. De Buyer - B Bois Mineral B Element iron pan
  2. MEPAL - Lunchpot Ellipse
  3. KPM Berlin - To-Go mug KURLAND
  4. Berndes - Induction cooking pot
  5. Quooker - the tap that can do everything
  6. KitchenAid - food processor
  7. OTHERWARE: The Pebble
1. De Buyer - B Bois Mineral B Element iron pan (from 40 euros)

Originally, the frying pans of the traditional French company were primarily used in professional gastronomy - including Michelin-starred hotels. For some time now, however, they have also been an integral part of the kitchen inventory of many amateur cooks. And rightly so: The B Bois line is characterized by its PEFC-certified beechwood handle. This way the handle does not heat up and the pan is easier to handle. Since beeswax is also used as a natural anti-oxidant and protective coating, the iron pan is 100% PTFE-free and therefore environmentally and health-friendly.

Source & Copyright by De Buyer
2. MEPAL - Lunchpot Ellipse (14,99 euros)

While Tupperware is sustainable anyway, because food is stored longer and is therefore not thrown away, MEPAL stands out. Especially with the Lunchpot Ellipse, which makes everyday life easier. The practical transportation option consists of two separate containers in which food can be stored separately. For example, yoghurt and muesli can be transported 100% leakproof. Without the muesli losing its crunch. Practically!

And responsibly: MEPAL publicly positions itself both sustainably and socially. Be it short transport routes and our own production chains, the certified renunciation of BPA, the use of recycled plastic or the support of employees. The company operates under the premise of producing environmentally and people-friendly. Insider knowledge: Even if something breaks, MEPAL offers spare parts. Longevity? Check!

Source & Copyright by MEPAL
3. KPM Berlin - To-Go mug KURLAND (from 59 euros)

Handmade luxury in a style-defining design. The Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin has stood for this for 250 years. And manages to remain relevant in the balancing act between tradition and the challenges of modern table culture. Innovative trends are produced here with proven know-how. However, this is not just about implementing design trends. KPM also answers socially relevant developments, such as the growing demand for sustainable goods. For example, energy cycles are closed and timeless collections are produced, which can be supplemented with new parts every year.

On the ravages of time and a kitchen helper that nobody should be without: KPM's To-Go mug in the legendary KURLAND design. The sustainable everyday companion is an environmentally friendly lifestyle statement. Whether on the bike, in a café or at work - the cup takes the place of single-use alternatives, reducing waste and promoting the respectful use of resources. Handmade from porcelain, it is not only a stylish it-piece, but also impresses with its durability and its capacity of 0.35 liters - ideal for coffee, tea, juices or smoothies.

Source & Copyright by KPM Berlin
4. Berndes - Induction cooking pot made from recycled aluminum (from 84,95 euros) 

To make consumers aware of the conscious use of resources, the German company produces sustainable cookware from recycled beverage cans. The so-called secondary aluminum is not only sustainable, but also comfortable and safe to use, since the lid is made of unbreakable glass. The induction-capable kitchen helper scores with its functionality. The b.nature quartz sealing of the pot is aroma-neutral, so that individually created worlds of taste are not falsified.

In addition to the practical advantages, the saucepan is characterized by its modern design. Matt black optics and glass lids reflect minimalist trends in furnishings.

Source & Copyright by Berndes
5. Quooker - the faucet that can do everything (from 1120 euros)

Whether boiling, chilled, sparkling or still water - no problem with the Quooker, a boiling water tap. It is hard to believe at first that something luxurious can be sustainable. But it is. In contrast to conventional kettles, the Quooker allows you to extract exactly the amount of boiling water that is required. That means saving energy.

The Quooker Cube Update also reduces the consumption of plastic. If the sparkling water comes straight from the tap, trips to the beverage market and the consumption of plastic bottles become unnecessary. Also possible: fill the water directly into glass bottles on the go. And always exactly as much as is really needed.

Source & Copyright by Quooker
6. KitchenAid - Food processor (from 499 euros)

Even if the cult brand is not officially positioned as sustainable, quality and longevity serve as motors of sustainability here. All devices of the kitchen helper giant are conceived, designed and developed together with professional chefs. Thanks to this expertise, the products combine professional performance, quality craftsmanship and pioneering design.

Whether kneading or stirring - the kitchen machine from KitchenAid is the trend device of the kitchen cosmos and leads to high-quality results with little effort. Made of sturdy iron, the machine is not only powerful, but also built to last. So it is an investment for future generations.

Source & Copyright by KitchenAid
7. OTHERWARE - The Pebble (55 euros)

In cooperation with Pharrell Williams creative collective i at the OTHER has the design studio Pentatonic, which produces products in the sense of the circular economy, made a statement against one-way plastic: The Pebble. It is a portable cutlery set made from recycled CDs. Consisting of a knife, a fork, a spoon, a straw and chopsticks, plastic cutlery On-The-Go - for the morning juice or during a quick power lunch in the park - can be avoided.

The soft box in which the plastic is stowed can be easily transported in a bag and attached to bag hangers or zippers with a clip hanger. Since it is always ready for use, it scores not only because it does not use plastic, but also because of the high level of hygiene, which is of great social relevance, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bottom line: Good for your health & zero waste - a really clever kitchen helper.

Kitchen Gadgets - The Pebble

Source & Copyright by OTHERWARE




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