The 5 best organic hotels in Italy - Here's how sustainable tourism works

In sustainable organic hotels, the dolce vita can be enjoyed in various ways. Find your favorite hotel and do not only treat yourself but also the environment with your next holiday to Italy.

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sustainable Tourism and exclusive hospitality of the upper star class, hardly anything can be better combined. Even the popular holiday destination between the Alps and the Mediterranean has long since realized that luxury and sustainability are by no means mutually exclusiveSEN. If you are looking for organic hotels in Italy, you are spoiled for choice. 

Sustainable tourism in Italy with exclusive organic hotels

From the art treasures of the Tuscan Renaissance towns, to the romantic villages and hidden beaches on the shores of the Great Lakes, to the imposing mountain giants in the north of the country. Italy has something to offer for every type of holiday. Long nights in the opera, clubs or under the starry sky go hand in hand. 

If you enjoy the diversity of urban conurbations as well as untouched natural landscapes and want to continue doing so for a long time, you should pay attention to the sustainability and social commitment of your accommodation while traveling. Our personal Top 5 organic hotels in Italy will surely inspire you. 

UOur top 5 organic hotels in Italy for 2019

  1. Ville sull'Arno, Florence 
  2. Lefay Resort, Lake Garda 
  3. NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci, Venice 
  4. Hotel Milano Scala, Milan 
  5. Alpenpalace, South Tyrol

1. Ville sull'Arno, Florence

Just within a few-minute-walk from the old town, you can spend your perfect spa holiday at this 5-star resort which has 22 rooms and suites and was build in the 15th century. The fine interior of the hotel is characterized by Florentine marble and furniture which were exclusively made by artisans from the region. 

The breakfast buffets offers a wide selection of natural ingredients, so that you can start your day off healthy, before enjoying delicious and traditional Florentine dishes made from regional ingredients. Thanks to the hotel's bike rental service, you can then explore the city in a particularly sustainable way. 

2. Lefay Resort, Lake Garda 

This luxurious, eco-friendly hotel on the western shore of Lake Garda has a sprawling spa, which offers a variety of spa and health programs in order to enhance the well-being of the guests. The hotel also offers delightful Mediterranean cuisine made from seasonal products from the region. If you choose to go there, you reside in a suite hotel whose design is inspired by the traditional orangery of Lombardy in order to insert itself smoothly into the surrounding nature 

For the inside of the hotel, materials from the region were primarily used. In addition, heat and electricity come from renewable energy sources and the laundry is accurately monitored, whereby rainwater is also collected in order to curb water consumption. The organic hotel is committed to supporting local suppliers and mainly hires employees from neighboring communities in order to boost the economic growth of the region. 

The sister hotel in the Dolomites has also committed to sustainability by focusing on green architecture, regionality and the saving of resources. 

3. NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci, Venice 

Sustainable Tourism, Bio-Hotels, NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci Venice

The 4-star hotel receives its sophisticated guests in a former theatre from the 19th century - at the spot, where Vivaldi started his career. The original floors and frescoes have been preserved and a sheltered garden with a fountain creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in the middle of the city. The hotel also has an amazing view over the famous Rialto bridge and a delicious breakfast buffet with local specialties. Your holiday in Venice can begin. 

Like all NH Group hotels, this organic hotel has committed to taking over responsibility for the environment and local people. It sustainably contributes to the economic, social and ecological development of the country.

4. Hotel Milano Scala, Milan

Located in the center of Milan, this Italian organic hotel is housed in a historic building from the 19th century. Whether in the restaurant, the lounge bar or on the panoramic terrace on the 8th floor - The gastronomy concept praises itself as "Green & Glocal". That means that local organic products are prepared for the global market but according to traditional regional recipes. An on-site garden on the 6th floor provides seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables. In the processing of the harvest, great value is placed on energy-saving methods and the lowest possible waste. 

The Milan hotel's sustainable handling of food is not the only reason why it is one of the country's pioneers. It also is the city's first "zero emissions" hotel which places special focus on the reduction of energy consumption and the conservation of resources. The energy which is used for heating and cooling is extracted from the water of an underground layer of earth. The paper also bears the FSC seal and the bathroom equipment is 99% biodegradable 

A computer system controls heating and air conditioning systems and aims to reduce power consumption to a minimum. In addition, there are induction plates in the kitchen, energy-saving LED lamps andan electric company car. Suppliers are also selected according to strict rules. The deliberate separation of garbage and the regular support of charitable organizations round the whole thing off.

5. Alps Palace, South Tyrol 

The hotel complex was largely built by local businesses and carpenters and is controlled by a computer system that ensures that the electrical system is only turned on and the minibar is only cooled, when the room is occupied. The heat supply comes from local biomass production. Energy-saving LED lamps and responsible waste sorting are standard. 


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