News: Evian (re)new perceptible water bubble designed by Virgil Abloh

Less plastic, more design. Once again Evian and Virgil Abloh have redesigned the future of sustainable water consumption. Read everything about the Evian (re)new here

Evian Virgil abloh
Source and Copyright by Evian

Author: Lara-Sophie Buckow

  • Further collaboration between Evian and Virgil Abloh
  • Water bubble in minimalistic design made of 100% rPET
  • Evian's next step towards circularity by 2025

After many years of collaboration between Evian and the future-oriented fashion designer Virgil Abloh, the next designer piece is now on the market. (Re)new: The water bubble that changes its shape after each use and thus becomes a water dispenser that you can experience.

Evian (re)new made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Since 2018 Evian has committed itself to using only recycled plastic (rPET) for its plastic bottles by 2025. Just recently, Evian in collaboration with Virgil Abloh introduced its first plastic bottles made from recycled plastic. This means that Evian currently has a share of 25%-50% recycled plastic per water bottle. The cap and the label of the bottles are excluded from this.

Step by step, the brand is working on its commitment and influence for more sustainable water consumption. In collaboration with the innovative recycling company Loop Industries, Evian helps to ensure that plastic bottles are recycled and made into new ones on a large scale.

Evian's position is clear: "When it comes to packaging innovations that benefit the environment and in turn, the people, good is never good enough. As we work to reimagine the packaging landscape, our efforts are in vain if these innovations aren’t accessible to or practical for people everywhere. That’s why we’re partnering with innovative brands like Soma and visionaries like Virgil Abloh to create forward-thinking yet practical designs for the future."

A new design with every use

Next up, the newest product for sustainable water consumption. In addition to the plastic bottles, the duo of Evian and Virgil Abloh has now also designed a water dispenser. The 5 liter water bubble is attached to a stand. Both are from rPET, so made of recycled plastic. Compared to the conventional Evian 1.5 liter bottles, this saves 60% of plastic per liter.

The thin material of the water bubble collapses during use. This creates a new and unique design for your home. (Re)new is designed so that it can easily be combined with the Evian x Virgil Abloh Soma glass bottles from the Active Movement collection. Evian (re)new is currently only available for pre-order in selected regions in France.

Evian (re) new water bubble collapses

Source & Copyright by Evian

Visionary design for more sustainability

Furthermore, there is also criticism of this innovation as to why water is even sold in plastic containers. Especially with a water dispenser that does not have to be transported every day. In the future we should also expect material design solution for the closure as well as the label. This is the only way to make a 100% recycled and sustainable product possible.

Nevertheless, the progress and innovation cannot be ignored. Especially in combination with the reusable glass bottles from the Active Movement collection, the water dispenser saves significantly more plastic than conventional plastic water bottles. Hopefully, the progress made in the collaboration between Evian and Virgil Abloh will inspire more brands to take the step towards sustainability.



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