How to find sustainable hotels for the perfect summer vacation

The best tips on how to find sustainable hotels and what to look out for when making your selection

Find sustainable hotels

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Those who value an environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle in everyday life do not want to give up these principles on vacation either. Nature hotel, eco-resort or eco-lodge - many hotels try sustainable tourism implement. But: Not every accommodation that promises sustainability actually meets these requirements. Because marketing strategies, like the ubiquitous Greenwashing, often make it difficult for us to distinguish a green image from truly sustainable, innovative solutions to protect the environment.

Four Criteria that Help to Identify Sustainable Hotels

With the help of the following 4 categories, you will find sustainable hotels more easily and at the same time promote more transparency in the market. As a result, sustainability does not have to be sacrificed on vacation either. In addition, the search for environmentally conscious hotels and resorts offers the opportunity to come across extraordinary insider tips that one had not previously considered.

1. Sustainability Policies, Guidelines and Sustainability Reports

Certificates and seals can be good indicators of the sustainability of a business and serve as a guide when choosing suitable accommodation. However, there are now so many different labels circulating on the national and international market that at first glance it can be difficult to distinguish between serious certifications and pure marketing strategies.

Also, missing seals do not have to mean that a hotel is not sustainable. Reputable certifications and the associated processes are often expensive. Smaller hotels in particular cannot always afford this, but they may still make great efforts to protect the climate and the environment. In order not to fall into the greenwashing trap, it is worth taking a closer look instead of blindly relying on certificates.

Hotel companies that act sustainably usually provide information on their websites about their goals and provide evidence within the framework of sustainability reports or sustainability policies, whether and how they achieve them. If no information can be found on the website, contact the hotel to inquire. Don't get any information? Stay skeptical! The more detailed and transparent the communication, the better. That is why numbers, data and facts are much more valuable at this point than flowery descriptions.

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2. Demonstrable Commitment to Reducing Environmental Impact

Vague promises to reduce water and energy consumption are no longer sufficient criteria with regard to how sustainable a hotel actually is. Accommodations that take environmental protection to heart usually pursue a holistic sustainability strategy that goes far beyond the basics such as waste separation goes.

Hotel owned Gardenswho supply the restaurant with fresh fruit and vegetables, Beehives on the roof terrace, refillable care products and other equipment free of single-use plastic, sustainable furniture, eco-friendly cleaning products, washing the towels only when needed and, above all, fair wages for the staff are just a few examples that demonstrate sustainable action by a hotel.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly hotel, it is worth checking how holistically sustainability is conceived and implemented.

3. A Strong Local and Regional Network

A holistic, environmentally conscious approach also includes the regional and local networking of accommodation. Sustainable hotels strengthen the regional market and thus local companies.

Does the company hire staff from the area or is it mainly seasonal workers who are often underpaid? Does the hotel use local suppliers? This includes regional food, as well as furniture from sustainable and local production. Hotel guests should also be made aware of cultural offerings such as museums, events or guided tours that take place on site. They strengthen the local economy and ensure that cultural values ​​and traditions are preserved.

4. Motivate Hotel Guests to Act Sustainably

Truly sustainable hotels not only lead by example, they go one step further: they inspire and motivate their guests to do the same.

From the moment they check in, they invite their guests to support the hotel's values ​​and mission. Interactive offers like reusable water bottles, cheap or free rental bicycles or community clean-up events encourage hotel guests to behave in an environmentally friendly manner, even if this is not yet part of their everyday life at home. Special incentives for guests who travel by public transport or who do without daily room service also motivate and promote sustainable action.

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How Sustainable A Hotel Actually is, Often Not Apparent At First Glance

The search for a truly sustainable hotel is not always easy. How holistic the sustainability concept of an accommodation actually is cannot usually be seen at first glance. Even small things can make a difference and many criteria can perhaps only be checked on site.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) have created the Considerate Collection so that eco-friendly travel doesn't become a burden and the search for sustainable hotels doesn't become a frustrating research job. Here, environmentally conscious travelers can find a carefully curated selection of hotels whose sustainability criteria are aligned with the standards of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and those of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.


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