Fit for March with the 10-Step Easy Detox Plan

Spring is coming - easily detoxify your body over the weekend with our 10-step detox plan


The approaching spring awakens in us the need for something inside Spring Cleaning. Detox is on everyone's lips now - but what's behind the magic word? Learn what Detox means how it works and how you relate to our 10-Step Easy Detox Plan make you fit for spring.

Detox - the clean-up campaign for your body

Little light and movement, lush Mahlzeiten, dry indoor air: our health hibernates during the winter months. We become constantly tired and susceptible to infection. The reason for this is an increased pollution of our organism, which it cannot cope with on its own. A purification cure, so-called "detox", can help us to get rid of unnecessary ballast and to detoxify the body.

Why detox?

Our body has a natural filter program that uses the detoxification organs of the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin to regularly break down and remove harmful substances. Due to our modern lifestyle, however, more environmental toxins than we tolerate get into our body system. Impurities in the air and water, pesticides in clothing as well as food and alcohol or nicotine are also deposited in the tissues and strain our immune system. This can result in fatigue, poor circulation or chronic illnesses. Here, a detox as a targeted detoxification program can help to permanently strengthen the natural defenses.

What does detox mean?

The term detox is the short form of the English "detoxification" and means "detoxification and cleansing". It is based on the more than 2000 year old holistic natural healing methods Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and therapeutic fasting, which aim to strengthen the physical and mental health. Indigestion, frequent respiratory or fungal infections, fatigue, blemishes and some chronic illnesses are just a few examples of physical symptoms for which a detox is worth trying. But it is not a diet. Weight loss can be a side effect, but it is not the primary goal of the regimen. Rather, a holistic physical balance should be created.

What types of detox are there?

1. Smoothie detox

This cure with fresh juices, smoothies, herbal teas and water can be carried out over 1-3 days or as a weekly smoothie relief day. Simply put frozen fruits, herbs and vegetables in the blender and you're done. The zero waste There is an alternative for organic farmers with smoothie boxes that contain the right fruits and herbs. But there are also nice fruit and vegetable mixes in the freezer.


2.Digital Detox

Permanent availability and far too long screen time promote social media stress. "Digital Detox" can work miracles here. Treat yourself to regular off times without a smartphone or computer and switch off consciously. Enjoy time in nature, for example - during sporting activities or simply doing nothing. This can be a day a week (e.g. Sunday) or a fixed time (before going to bed, after waking up) when the smartphone can rest and you can concentrate on real time.

3. Mental detox

Physical detox also includes a mental detox. With accompanying measures such as meditation, breathing techniques, Yoga, Massages and saunas actively support your body in removing harmful substances and thoughts. Just as important as tidying up inside is cleaning and mucking out your private environment and your workplace. In rooms without ballast there is more space for positive thoughts and plans. Minimalist Design elements can help here.


When is detox unsuitable?

Detoxification is unusual for every body at first, so you can expect signs of fatigue, listlessness, headache or digestive problems in the first few days. These side effects usually disappear after a few days. Therefore, you should refrain from top physical or mental performance during a detoxification and treat yourself to rest instead. Detox is unsuitable during pregnancy, breastfeeding, for diabetics, people with eating disorders or high blood pressure - at least without a doctor's consultation.

Easy Detox - First steps to detoxify

"Detox light" is the ideal introduction for everyone who wants to try detox without much effort and preparation.

10-Step Easy Detox Plan

Our Easy Detox is a compact 10-step plan with which you can gently detoxify and strengthen your body at the same time. For the start and a noticeable change, we recommend a cure of 3 days - the weekend is the ideal fit. To permanently change your eating habits, simply integrate this gentle program into your everyday life.

Detoxification is teamwork between you and your body. Your body knows how to detoxify, and you support it by paying more attention to it while providing healthy and balanced food. How to benefit twice from your cure:

1. Drink

Drink at least 2-3 liters of liquid a day: still water, herbal tea or broth.

2. Sleep and morning routine

Make sure you get enough sleep and start the day one hour earlier than usual with a gentle and invigorating one morning routine:

  • Get up with your alarm - without using the snooze button
  • Drink a glass of warm ginger-lemon water
  • Consciously breathe in fresh air at the open window
  • Practice yoga, pilates or stretching
  • Enjoy the quiet of the morning with a short meditation
  • Write a diary to organize your thoughts and focus. That also relieves

3. Fresh juices

Prepare fresh juices and smoothies in the juicer and fill a portion on the go.

4. Movement

Make sure you get enough exercise every day, for example in the gym or at least after a walk after eating. Swimming and running boost metabolism and help sweat away toxins. Regular saunas, massages and lymphatic drainage are power detoxification tools because they stimulate the metabolism and ensure relaxation.

5. Food and light cuisine

Avoid fast food, convenience foods, and fried foods. Instead, prepare meals with fresh organic fruit in between and discover the variety of potatoes, vegetables, lettuce and sprouts for the main meals. Avoid white flour, fatty meat and animal fats. Instead, use whole grain and vegetarian products as well as vegetable oils.


6. Sugar

Reduce any kind of sugar and alternatively use agave syrup.

7. Coffee & alcohol

Avoid caffeine and black tea and instead enjoy the beneficial effects of herbal teas or hot lemon water with pieces of ginger, which is highly detoxifying. Avoid alcohol and instead try soft drinks or cocktails, which are now widely offered.

8. Green living

Mucking out of your surroundings is just as important as tidying up the inside. Clear out your garage or basement and dispose of old equipment and clothing in the spirit of Green living.

9.Digital Detox

Reduce your media usage and the use of social networks and the smartphone - especially in the morning and in the evening before going to bed - or establish an offline day per week. Instead, read a book or organize a board game evening.

10. Mental detox

Practice mindfulness several times a day: stop and become aware of your body, watch your breath. Guided meditations help to calm the mind and provide lasting balance and resilience. Learn to breathe consciously and concentrate on your breath, for example through a 3-minute break or breathing techniques while meditating.


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