Food Trends 2021 - Answers to current needs and changing values

Food trends 2021: what will stay, what will change? An overview of the latest trends and developments in the food and catering industry

Food report 2021
Source & Copyright by Future Food Studio

Author: Hanni Rützler

Food Trends 2021 are subjected to a stress test due to the crisis. Some are strengthened, others are at least temporarily thwarted. The Home cookingfor example is experiencing a renaissance. It shows how systemically relevant the Food industryactually is:

Food Report 2021 - Key Messages:

  1. The importance of the domestic agricultureincreases - we can use this new appreciation to also increase diversity. Because Agrobiodiversitymakes agriculture more resilient and crisis-proof. And it ensures more variety on our plates.
  2. One key challenge is Everyday gastronomyis driven by the growing popularity of Food delivery servicesand Ghost kitchensfundamentally changed. The delivery market is very competitive - and the balance of power in delivery services and restaurants is being renegotiated by the crisis.
  3. Shaped by the megatrend health, more and more people want to drink alcohol, for example drinksdo without, but at the same time don't miss the taste and enjoyment. Start-ups in particular are mixing up and shaping the beverage industry with non-alcoholic urban drinks Liquid evolutionmit.

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Food Trends 2021 - What will remain and what will change

What does the global corona crisiswith food trends that have guided and inspired producers, retailers, restaurants, consumers and consumers in recent years and decades, but which have also shaped them themselves? Are they obsolete now that so much is changing? The Food Report 2021 shows which trends are weakening, which are changing radically and whether new trends will emerge.

Are there food trends that already contained answers to problems before the crisis that are only now becoming really virulent? Which food trends offer orientation even in chaotic, unfamiliar times? This is what the analysis of the Food Report deals with, which is examining Food Trends 2021 for its crisis resilience.

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The 7 clusters of the Food Trend 2021

Health, everyday life, quality, Enjoyment,Sustainability, Glocal and Beyond Food bring together various food trends for 2021 and thus make the dynamics visible.

Food report 2021

Source & Copyright by Futur Food Studio

1. Ghost Kitchen - The disruption of the fast-casual market

In Industry Insight Gastro, everything revolves around the ghost kitchens. They were only perceived as a niche phenomenon before the corona crisis, but during the pandemic they became an important pillar of the urban local supplywith food. The "ghost kitchens" are Restaurant, in which only cooking is done, but no guests are served.

With the ghost kitchens, of course, a disruption of everyday gastronomy was announced even before the crisis. Now it's happening faster than expected. The new food delivery platforms that operate with ghost kitchens are developing into Netflix and Spotify in the catering industry. The delivery service companies are becoming food platforms that create completely new gastronomy concepts.

With the increasing quality of delivery food, restaurants are increasingly becoming places where the quality of stay is becoming more important. The corona crisis is the decisive driver and at the same time the stress test for alternative catering concepts. If the food delivery works well in the crisis and the quality of the food is convincing, Ghost Kitchens have the chance to establish themselves in the mainstream in German-speaking countries and to become part of everyday food culture.

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Eat sustainably

Source & Copyright by Nobelhart & Schmutzig

2. Biodiversity - The future of nutrition lies in diversity

One of the main topics of the Food Report is diversity, more precisely biodiversity. What the global corona crisis shows us is that we should understand future challenges on a global scale and approach them holistically. In agriculture and food production, these are above all the climate changeand the preservation of functioning ecosystems. In order to be able to meet these challenges successfully, profound innovations are required.

Preserving biodiversity will determine the future of our global food system. Agrobiodiversity makes agriculture more resilient in times of climate change and at the same time ensures that our diet is enriched. The diversity of livestock and crops depends on human activity: what we like to eat is grown and bred, what we don't use is threatened with extinction.

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Food trends 2021

Cooksand restaurateurs are multipliers and ambassadors for the future of this new diversity: They are the crucial link between producers and consumers, because they bring this diversity to the plate and make it tangible. Restaurateurs who present their guests with previously unknown, forgotten and novel taste nuances in their dishes are also paving the way for a change in the food trade: from abundance to diversity.

3. Liquid Evolution - Drink better, drink better, drink healthier

Food Trends 2021

The focus on beverages deals with the liquid evolution: True to the motto "drink better, drink better, drink healthier". Even before the corona crisis, health was one of the most powerful megatrends driving the change in our eating and drinking culture. The beverage industry continues to see an increasing demand for non-alcoholic beverages.

From flavored Mineral waterand vitamin drinks over non-alcoholic beersup to “virgin cocktails” and non-alcoholic spirits. The major beverage brands are now also responding to this shift. They are expanding their range of beverages with little or no alcohol and are targeting new, health-conscious customers with a wellness-oriented branding.

In top gastronomy, it is now considered good form to offer, in addition to a wine accompaniment, an exquisite juice or tea accompaniment whose aromas are perfectly matched to the food. Manufacturers are offered new opportunities to experiment with old manufacturing processes, almost forgotten varieties and fermentation techniques in order to create new, exciting taste experiences.

Source: Zukunftsinstitut from the trend study Food report 2021

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Food report

About the author: Hanni Rützler

Hanni Rützler is one of the most renowned and influential food experts in Europe. The qualified nutritionist has been working as an author and speaker for the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt and Vienna since 2004. As a pioneer in nutritional science, consultant and researcher with multidisciplinary access to questions of eating and drinking behavior, Hanni Rützler has made a name for herself well beyond the German-speaking area, not just since her legendary tasting of the first in-vitro burger.

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