Innovative food start-ups are changing the food industry

These innovative food start-ups address the problems of the food industry and improve the future of the food supply

Food startups

Author: July Becker

The growing world population is faced with various problems relating to the food supply. nutrition plant-based is becoming more and more important. Conserving natural resources is just as important.

Food and its production are often very harmful to that Climate. Nonetheless, humanity must eat. At the same time, the growing world population faces the problem of food security; more and more people need food. Also threatens the climate change many growing areas and the environmental impact of industrial animal husbandry are well known.

Innovative food start-ups take on these problems and work in a variety of ways to secure the future of food supply.

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The best food start-ups

1. C16 Biosciences

Just recently, Breakthrough Energy Ventures invested by Bill Gates was founded $ 20 million in C16 Biosciences. The New York-based food start-up is working on developing sustainable alternatives to palm oil. The food start-up uses microbes that convert food waste and industrial by-products into synthetic palm oil. The technological process is based on fermentation.

Palm oil is one of the greatest climate killers. Much of the in cosmetics and food-grade palm oil is extracted in the tropics, where forests destroyed to make way for plantations. An alternative production of palm oil would therefore be a huge plus for the climate.


2. No quo

More and more people are following a purely plant-based diet and the market for plant-based cheese and milk is growing continuously. There are now a lot of vegan milk alternatives. When it comes to cheese products, however, most supermarket shelves are empty.

Noquo, a Swedish food start-up, wants to change that. Noquo cheese is said to be made with a minimal impact on the environment. This is a novelty in that vegan cheese is usually made from nuts like cashews. Their environmental balance is very bad. Noquo, on the other hand, is based on legumes and is also said to taste great.


The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the Food App Karma grocery retailers can sell leftover food at half price. The team behind this food start-up primarily prevents the waste of excess food. Instead of going into the garbage can, they end up in the shopping bags of price and environmentally conscious customers. According to its own information, Karma has saved more than 800 tons of food waste since it was founded.

Karma was founded in Sweden and has since expanded to the UK and France. If you are in a city where karma is not available, you can also access similar apps such as "Too Good to Go" fall back on.

4. Drink food

Potable food providers are springing up like mushrooms. The most famous two are YFood and footprint. Both food start-ups offer easy-to-consume, filling liquid food that contains important minerals and nutrients. This means that the drink food is not just a snack, but a full meal. In addition, the drinks are always vegetarian and often vegan, which has a positive effect on their environmental balance.

YFood is based on soy, while Huel uses oat and pea proteins. Packaged in bottles made of recyclable and recycled plastic, the Drink Foods are already available in most supermarkets and online.

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