News: Ruinart promotes sustainable luxury in a new “dress”

The champagne house Maison Ruinart is launching a sustainable "second skin" bottle protection as a symbol of the new, environmentally friendly understanding of luxury 

ruinart second skin
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  • Maison Ruinart launches "second skin" bottle protection
  • The protective cover is 100% recyclable as well environmentally friendly
  • "Second skin" as the epitome of contemporary and responsible luxury

Ruinart House, which was founded in 1729 as the first champagne house, has been flourishing for almost three hundred years now, shines with its uncompromising quality and durability and has inevitably been a synonym of luxury held. The continuity of popularity as well as appreciation of the company is closely related to the willingness to always present exclusivity in the context of social change. In response to the rapidly increasing demand for sustainable and aesthetic premium goods, Ruinart is now launching the "Second Skin" bottle protection.


Copyright by Ruinart

Ruinart "Second Skin": 100% recyclable, 100% iconic

After long research, development and innovative applications, the champagne house is now presenting the sustainable and aesthetic protection "second skin" for its iconic bottles.

Based on the classic "strong bottle" silhouette, the company developed an environmentally friendly cover made of 100% natural wood fibers and thus recyclable paper. Its simple, elegant design was inspired by the spectacular chalk cellars of the Champagne House - which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Chalk cellar of the Ruinart champagne house

To protect the bottle and nature: a symbol of contemporary luxury

The new "dress" of the champagne should stand for balance as well as guarantee the integrity of the bottle and the exclusive taste. Not only does this protect the high-end product, but also the environment. Since the "second skin" replaces conventional gift packaging, it promotes the idea of ​​a circular economy, minimizes waste and effortlessly shows how luxurious sustainability can be.


Copyright by Ruinart

In this way, Maison Ruinart proves that values ​​are highly relevant in today's definition of luxury. That environmental protection does not exclude luxury, but can be redefined and become a quality feature. The "Second Skin" cover stands for responsible and contemporary luxury and positions Ruinart as a pioneer and model for positive change in the high-end segment.

Where to get your luxury green gadget

From October on, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and Rosé will be available in the "second skin" design at as well as in selected delicatessen stores.



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