Why the Oscars 2023 revolved around sustainability

The awarding of the Oscars was increasingly in the spirit of sustainability - and is therefore considered a pioneer for events in the sense of New Luxury


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In addition to important messages around diversity, inclusion and peace, a relatively new theme - at least for the Academy - played a special role at the 95th Academy Awards: sustainability. Because not only the red carpet, which attracts the attention of the entire fashion cosmos every year, but also the event itself this year revolved more around commitments related to environmental protection. When it came to fashion, it was about vintage, repurpose and storytelling instead of opulence. And also behind the scenes, ideas of recycling and reuse played a role instead of blindly planning an exclusive evening. All in all, this speaks for a new mindset that defines exclusivity through values ​​and not through exclusion.

How RCDG Global made the Oscars the hotspot for sustainable fashion

It's no coincidence that the Red Carpet was dominated by sustainable fashion this year. For the first time in the run-up to the event, there was a request to dress responsibly. This appeal was launched by Samata Pattinson, CEO of RCGD Global. It is a women-led change-making organization founded in 2009 that draws global attention to Sustainability wants to generate.

More precisely, the appeal was a guideline that presented different approaches to thinking about, interpreting and wearing fashion in a sustainable way. And with success: Various forms of sustainable fashion - from vintage pieces from archives to upcycled creations to pieces made of sustainable or innovative materials - were represented. In addition, the designs of sustainable designers such as Gabriela Hearst could also be discovered.

It is now particularly important not to take this development for granted. Due to the importance of events like the Oscars, many evening dresses and suits are made just for them. And only for the one big performance. To date, the items of clothing have often ended up in the trash or been forgotten. It is therefore all the more important that a new awareness is established that embraces circular models such as repair, reuse and Rental into the focus of the most exclusive and most watched events in the world.

How the Oscars promote sustainability - an overview

Sustainable statements were also made when planning the event itself in terms of catering, equipment and scenery. These include some that have been promoted since 2020:

    • Rental and reuse of technical equipment
    • Sustainable sourcing of food (70% of it plant-based)
    • Donation of all flowers after the event
    • Donation and recycling of parts of the carpet
    • Recycling of all plastics and metals as well as glass, paper and cardboard after the event
    • Reuse of almost 50% of the manufacturing materials and Recycling of the rest
    • Use of energy efficient LED lights and candles

Why the long-term engagement of the Oscars in the big picture is so important

The Oscars are awaited and followed annually around the world. Her global reach translates directly to her role as an inspiration and influence as a guide. With their focus on sustainability, they have one new perspective on high-end fashion, luxury and exclusivity created. A perspective in which sustainability is not of secondary importance, but sets the tone. And that's why it's hoped that the Oscars, as one of the highest profile events in the world, will lead the way and make sustainability the norm in this area.


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