Asket - slow fashion par excellence now also available for women

After the success of sustainable men's fashion, this Swedish start-up will also be offering women's fashion in the future, thus taking a stand against fast fashion

Ascetic slow fashion activism
Source and Copyright by Asket

The Swedish brand Asket has set itself the goal of producing sustainable and responsible clothing to counter fast fashion and strive to counteract the ephemerality of the fashion industry - in the future, the brand will offer besides Men's Fashion also Women's Fashion. Find out here, what to expect from the young fashion brand.

Slow fashion - natural materials, transparency & seasonless designs

The company produces garments for the ages instead of offering new one-off pieces for each season. For this, the Scandinavians rely on simple designs. These can be combined in different ways. In addition, the start-up works with responsible manufacturers and mainly uses natural materials. Through direct contact with the producers, the brand saves distribution via intermediaries and can thus save costs.


Source & Copyright by Asket

Durable clothing for maximum benefit

If something breaks, it will be fixed. When it is no longer worn, it gets a new life. Asket has launched various programs to implement this into reality. In these, the brand provides information on how to properly care for its products and offers instructions for repairs and buys used clothing back again. The aim is to create a low-waste life cycle for clothing.

Transparent supply chains and costs

In addition, Asket's mission includes full transparency for the customer. Where do the raw materials come from? Where does the recycling of the materials take place? How many additional raw materials are required for production? What other components are necessary for the end product? To answer all these questions, you get a detailed overview of the individual costs and traceability of the individual items of clothing in the online shop. This means that the end customer can track where which costs incurred and to what extent Asket is integrated into the supply chain.


Source & Copyright by Asket

What more could you want from slow fashion?

Asket's approach corresponds to the slow fashion idea of the fashion industry. Away from  fast fashion and towards a long-lasting wardrobe. But even Asket does not yet offer 100% traceability of its garments for the end customer. The international supply chains seem too complex for that. Perhaps a more local outsourcing would provide a better overview. Nevertheless, the corporate culture's clear focus on sustainability and transparency is a prime example for other brands.



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