Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

The Oscar winner Penélope Cruz is bringing out a sustainable collection with the traditional Atelier Swarovski

atelier swarovski and penelope cruze cooperation
Penelope Cruz Cannes 2018, Image by Atelier Swarovski

Swarovski focuses on sustainability in a new collection

The responsible handling of people and resources is becoming more and more important. This is also the reason why Luxury company become more sustainable. Because in today's Jewelry world Luxury is no longer based solely on carats or the number of precious stones defined, but there is much more to it.

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The products have to tell a story and be produced in an ethically correct manner, have a positive impact and, ideally, be personalized. This is exactly the approach that “Atelier Swarovski” pursues with its new collection in cooperation with Penelope Cruz.

Copyright by Atelier Swarovski, Angel Earrings, 18K White Gold

The collection

The creative basis for the design of the collection is provided by personal inspiration from the Oscar winner. From favorite films to paintings as well as novels and private stories. The collection consists of 18-carat Fairtrade gold from the Minera Limata Limitada Co-Operative in Peru, which campaigns against poverty and for sustainable development. The topaz gemstones can be fully traced according to their origin using a transparent supply chain and come from Brazil. The diamonds in the collection have been produced using the latest technology in the atelier's laboratory.

studio swarovski

Copyright by Atelier Swarovski, created ruby

When asked what the greatest challenge today is to advance environmental issues, Nadja Swarovski, member of the company's board of directors, replied, "It has to be prioritized at the very top within the company, because a lack of awareness has been the greatest hurdle so far".

With this collection, Atelier Swarovski makes it clear that the company's course is clearly geared towards “Conscious Luxury” and what requires conscious action and the assumption of responsibility in the luxury industry.



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