Berlin Fashion Week becomes the place for sustainable fashion

Berlin Fashion Week gives young, sustainable labels and talents an international stage and puts sustainability at the forefront

Berlin Fashion Week September 2021
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Author: Vivien Vollmer

  • Berlin Fashion Week combines runway shows and cross-over formats
  • Sustainability of the fashion industry as a core topic of hybrid events
  • Berlin as a bridge between contemporary fashion and creativity

Berlin Fashion Week has taken place with numerous events, presentations, exhibitions and digital formats of fashion under the sign of sustainability and innovation. In the course of its reorientation, Berlin Fashion Week focused on sustainability, innovation and digitalisation. Topics that are not mutually exclusive, but rather, in combination, lead to a strong driving force for the transformation of the industry.

Slow fashion, circular economy, material innovations and transparency are pressing issues that need to be addressed at international fashion events. The fashion industry continues to be the second largest consumer of water in the world. Furthermore, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of water pollution and produces almost 10% of global carbon emissions. Cheap fast fashion also drives poor working conditions and supports a system that is environmentally and socially unsustainable.

For a long time, fashion shows followed the motto "see and be seen". It is not uncommon for fashion events to be a mere venue for short-lived trends without sustainable impulses. But with increasing criticism of the fashion industry, Fashion Weeks are changing too. With its focus on sustainability, Berlin Fashion Week is now setting an example for the global fashion industry. Here are the formats of the event at a glance:

“The Berlin Fashion Week will be all about sustainability, innovation, diversity and cross culture as well as supporting creative talents. The big highlight is the variety of formats ", Senator Ramona Pop.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is shaping the future by supporting new and fresh talents

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been part of Berlin's fashion landscape for 14 years. It offers a platform for German and international fashion designers as well as up-and-coming young talents. After the last MBFW took place virtually due to the pandemic, a mix of physical shows and presentations as well as digital events such as live broadcasts will now be offered.

The newcomer designer Florentina Leitner from Austria was selected from the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talents" programme for the opening show. The collection stands between couture and pret-a-porter, while representing sustainable fashion and is thus in line with the new direction of Berlin Fashion Week.

Source & Copyright by MBFW

Der Berliner Salon - Meeting point for Germany's sustainable fashion

The Berliner Salon is a place for German fashion, designers and young talents with a focus on Conscious Design. Here, a space is created to sustainably bring together German design talents, to promote them as well as to present them nationally and internationally. The goal is to establish a new awareness and self-understanding for German fashion.

This year's group exhibition is made up of 35 German fashion talents and craft manufacturers, among others Julia Leifert, Antonia Zander, Lala Berlin, PB0110 and Saskia Diez. Ultimately, "Der Berliner Salon" is accompanied by the title "Committed to Responsibility", which is why labels that work responsibly are highlighted.

Source & Copyright by MBFW

BERLIN, BERLIN: At Highsnobiety, innovation meets love of home (awarded with the first-time presentation of the Young Talent Award)

At Highsnobiety, fashion and design meet art and music - culture overload can be experienced in the capital. For the second time, the media brand wants to celebrate the diversity, creativity and innovative facets of the city with BERLIN, BERLIN. Just as diverse as the city itself, together with the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry they will present all contributions digitally in the form of artistic partnerships, capsule collections film, photo, augmented reality, product and event formats. This introduces the local community to a global audience.

In addition, the first BERLIN, BERLIN Prize, which is to be awarded to a young newcomer talent based in Berlin, is intended to strengthen the connection to the city. The prize comes with 20,000 euros and the opportunity to be included in the portfolio of the shop. This is also a commitment to the designer scene in Berlin to encourage young creative minds in the capital to put down roots there.

More events at Berlin Fashion Week

A total of 13 larger events have invited to experience sustainability and innovation of the fashion world in Berlin. This includes the sustainable expert platform 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit, the Fashion Open Studio, which is dedicated to systematic challenges in the industry and highlights innovative new ideas and solutions. The aim is to initiate questions and discussions and to promote new business opportunities for designers, brands and services working responsibly.

Furthermore, the Berlin Fashion Film Festival shows modern filmmaking and innovations in conceptual storytelling. Sustainable fashion is a necessity to break the negative trend. Fashion Weeks that focus on this are a tool to inspire and accelerate this long-term development.

You can find more information on all events here.



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