European Fashion Alliance - for a sustainable transformation in the fashion industry

With the vision to create a sustainable, integrative and innovative fashion system

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Bring about change together with alliances. Of the Fashion Council Germany founds the first with 25 other fashion institutions European Fashion Alliance. A network of stakeholders from the fashion industry as well as politics. Who together pursue a common goal: a fashion industry in which sustainability, longevity, quality, creativity and social responsibility are paramount. The vision is to create a sustainable, integrative and innovative fashion system. But also to unite the understanding of the actors and their goals in order to jointly promote a uniform transformation.


Source & Copyright Fashion Council Germany

Creating the transformation together

After all, the network should not only be used for exchange, it should also promote further training and research in the industry. In addition, the EFA wants to get involved on the political, economic and social level in Europe. Some key players include Pascal Morand, President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, was also positive about the alliance. As well as Carlo Capasa, chairman of the Camera Nazionale della Mode Italiana, who is willing to achieve goals together.

Scott Lipinski

Scott Lipinski, CEO Fashion Council Germany and initiator of the European Fashion Alliance

Everyone agrees: sharing knowledge and forming an alliance are essential to create a turnaround. Finally, the change that is essential must be promoted with initiatives and projects that also strengthen European values. Consequently, coalitions must be formed that work on both an active and reactive strategy to ensure a creative future. According to Fashion Council Germany Managing Director Scott Lipinski, with a vision that embraces a transnational, cross-sectoral and transitory mindset, the alliance has already proven to be close to policymakers and industry stakeholders.

Any organization that can identify with the Alliance's vision is welcome to join to grow together and create a better future. The next summit will take place during Gran Canaria Swim Week by Mode Calida, from October 18th to 21st, 2022.


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