Global Fashion Summit 2022 heralds a new era

With innovation and Alliances for sustainability in fashion

Global Fashion Summit 2022
Mary Crown Princess of Denmark, Source & Copyright by Global Fashion Summit

Author: Sydney

Fashion industry decision makers come together from all over the world to discuss the trending trends of the industry. The latest edition of the Global Fashion Summit has finally come together live in Copenhagen again this year. From June 7th to 8th, topics such as climate change, human rights, overconsumption and scarcity of resources were discussed behind the historic backdrop of the Royal Opera House. The Rusumé: Clear message for change in action, through innovation, alliances and laws as well as the inclusion of all players in the fashion industry.

Global Fashion Summit 2022: a topic of conversation that causes a stir

  • The multi-billion dollar fashion retail company SHEIN is donating 15 million dollars to combat waste in the fashion industry - sounds paradoxical and like greenwashing, but the money is urgently needed
  • Do more and talk less - from timeless design to innovation and partnerships, brands need to be more proactive
  • Political regulators are decisive - be it the new textile strategy or fashion laws that force brands to restructure
  • People at the beginning of the supply chain need to be more involved in the process, and fast fashion giants need to be included in the conversations as well
  • Form alliances to fight the problems together and learn from each other

GFC Master Class Global Fashion Summit 2022

GFA Monitor Masterclass Source & Copyright Global Fashion Summit

This year's theme revolves around alliances, as global cooperation to solve problems is the top premise. After all, there are only eight years to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. More than 100 brands discussed and exchanged ideas about innovations. This includes companies such as Nike and Burberry as well as Gucci owner Kering. In addition, representatives of the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action were also present.

Together against inequality, environmental degradation, overconsumption and more

The event, which was held for the first time in 2009, has changed significantly over the last few years. After all, sustainability was still a fairly new phenomenon back then. Accordingly, fashion has also developed and changed dramatically. As a result, companies have understood that protecting and optimizing resources is the right thing to do. Based on this, more and more brands are integrating sustainability into their business model.

Global Fashion Summit 2022 Shein

Liz Ricketts, Co-Founder Or Foundation, Announces Shein's $15 Million Source & Copyright Global Fashion Summit Grant

Not only has fashion evolved, the reach of the organization has also increased. Accordingly, the event has established a large number of high-ranking and prominent speakers. From leading voices in the fashion industry, visionaries, researchers, politicians, designers, environmentalists, journalists and many more. Consequently, the event was renamed from the Copenhagen Fashion Summit to meet the new demands and to emphasize the global orientation.

Goals: Together, achieve more and faster globally

Federica Marchionni, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda says they want to make a difference. That means accelerating efforts, and that can only be done together. Moin Roberts-Islam from the Fashion Innovation Agency is also convinced and adds that real progress can only be achieved if the competition works together and exchanges ideas with solution providers*, learning from others and imitating them is crucial.

Innovation Global Fashion Summit 2022

Innovation Forum, Source & Copyright Global Fashion Summit

Due to the global impact of the fashion industry and the urgency for change, the summit strives to better position itself globally. In order to spread more awareness and open up different perspectives from around the world. Accordingly, the summit will take place in various key cities in the future, alongside a flagship event in Copenhagen. The Summit provided an opportunity to address difficult issues and discuss what still needs to be done to achieve a more sustainable future for the industry which will emerge in the upcoming events.


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