Historic record $ 7.3 billion in sales for the auction house


Sotheby's not only set new monetary standards in 2021 - sustainability, digitization and values ​​promise success in 2022

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  • Sotheby's consolidated annual sales are $ 7,3 billion
  • The auction house thus prescribes the strongest result in its 277-year history
  • Millennials are driving the boom in the art market

Sotheby's broke a historic record. On December 15, the world's leading auction house announced that it had sold $ 2021 billion in art in 7,3. And thus reports a record year in the 277-year-old history of the Traditional company.

While 2o auctions are still pending, consolidated sales for the year to date are composed of 6 billion US dollars generated through auctions and 1,3 billion US dollars generated through private purchases. This positive development is driven by strong and deep demand, an influx of new collectors and a rapid expansion of the digital offer and the Auction platform, so Sotheby's in the official press release.


Source & Copyright by Sotheby's

Key to Success: The harmony of physical and digital experiences

The unprecedented benchmark follows double-digit sales losses in the wake of the pandemic and proves the social acceptance of the New Normal - whose most important enabler is the digitization . And thus the ability to skillfully integrate online elements into established sales and marketing concepts. While the offline world stood still, Sotheby's has realized precisely this value-increasing potential. Keyword online auctions. 

Future-oriented digital possibilities in the form of interactive offers with realistic character have also generated record values ​​for Sotheby's in terms of reach. Explicitly: 16,6 million livestream hits, 4,2 million followers along all social media platforms and 13,2 million visitors to the official website. With their online offers, they make up 92% of the total offers. In short, that means Sotheby's was able to recover as customers were tech-savvy in responding to seamless physical and digital experiences.

Sotheby's benefits from next-gen consumption

In addition to digitization, Sotheby's also set new standards in terms of categories. 2021 will go down in history as a record year for global sales of modern and contemporary art as well as luxury goods. En Detail: Clocks, Wine & Spirits, Design, Books & Manuscripts and Accessories by luxury brands reached an all-time high in annual auction results. However, the introduction of new categories is particularly significant: Streetwear and NFTs - which also means crypto currencies could be auctioned. Forward-looking areas through which Sotheby's was able to add a new class of collectors to its audience.

While Sotheby's generally reached a maximum number of bidders, the launch of the zeitgeist categories meant that 47% were first-time buyers. To be more precise: Millennials - the number of bidders under 40 rose by 187%. These younger collectors started pandemic-related digital works of art, jewellery, wine and Handbags to be auctioned. And by the way, to prove their clear commitment to sustainability through 2nd-life consumption.

As a result, works in twelve different categories, including Asian Art, Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Latin American Art, Old Masters, Watches, Jewels, Books and Manuscripts, and NFTs, have sold works for more than $ 10 million.

What's Next?

The upswing of Sotheby's is due to the promising combination of sustainable luxury goods and trend-oriented innovations. Young generations like millennials and too Gen Z are not only wealthy and tech-savvy, but also interested in protecting the environment. And not least through conscious consumption. This is exactly where Sotheby's comes in.

In general, auction houses belong to the most sustainable industries of our time, as buying and selling pre-loved pieces reduces CO2 emissions and the idea of circular economy promotes. It also stands for storytelling, individuality and craftsmanship. And thus the values ​​of the New Luxury presents. In line with the introduction of the new categories, the year 2022 also looks promising for the auction sector.



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