Kelly Slater - his sustainable label Outerknown

Surfer legend Kelly Slater is expanding with his sustainable label Outerknown. The label relies on minimalist designs and innovative fabrics

Outerknown 2019 Womens Collection, Outerwears, Raychel Roberts 

Kelly Slater has spent half of his life in the seas of the world, always with the perfect wave in view. But at some point they could no longer be overlooked: Plastic scraps in the seas. But behind the fashion label outerknown* by Kelly Slater is far more than just another attempt to free the oceans of industrial waste and is a pioneer for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Kelly Slater's Outerknown breaches the traditional fashion cycle

Kelly Slater, 11-time winner of the Surfer League, began his material and production with the latest collection of well-known surfer brands Clothing questioning. Because, in his eyes, good design and responsible production should not be a contradiction in terms.

More transparency and responsibility for people and nature

For the founder of Outerknown, transparency is at the forefront. That means where do the raw materials come from and who processes them. Therefore a list of producers is in the Online-Shop Always open to the public from Outerknown. All producers are also selected according to the guidelines of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) & Bluesign.


Jackets and boarder shorts made of innovative ECONYL®

The selection of materials not only focuses on the origin of organic cotton, but also on innovative materials. For example, recycled fishing nets and plastic garbage from the seas are used as the basis for the regenerated nylon Econyl®. Kelly Slater uses this waterproof fabric for his premium jackets and boarder shorts. The buttons are also made of recycled plastic or the corozo nut. Other materials are already being planned, such as leather from pineapple.

New collection for women

Since 2019, he also offers minimalist designs for women. As for men, the designs to not only meet the surfer aesthetic but also high-quality and sustainability demands. Representing the first Outerknown women's collection: vintage model Raychel Roberts, feminist Candace Reels and zero-waste influencer Lauren Singer.

Outerknown, Womens Collection 2019, Raychel Roberts, Candace Reels, Lauren Singer (from left)

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Fashionable designs that combine style and values

Kelly Slater and his team ask each other the same question every day: "How can we sustain the clothes we love?" This idea drives them on and on, hoping for more exciting ways to influence the fashion industry and make sustainable living more fashionable.

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