Modern sunglasses and ethical brands in trend 2021

Fair and modern sunglasses - these are the sunglasses trends for 2021

sustainable sunglasses
Source & Copyright by VIU

Author: Hanna Lina Werner

A light breeze blows, our feet sink into the warm sand and the sea rushes in the background - it's finally summer again. Time for light and airy summer dresses and sandals. But what would the perfect summer look be without trendy sun protection for the eyes? Modern sunglasses are not only a cool accessory on sunny days, they also protect our eyes from dangerous UV radiation.

Most of the models from the fast fashion-Sector can only rarely guarantee the desired protection and still consist of materials that are not only harmful to the environment, but also harmful to our skin. Ethical as well as modern sunglasses made of high quality materials in unusual designs are a must have for this summer.

What are the ethical fashion criteria for modern sunglasses?

When buying sustainable sunglasses, it makes sense to pay attention to whether brands adhere to the following aspects:

  • Use of recycled materials such as PET bottles
  • Use of renewable raw materials such as bamboo or wood
  • Monitoring of suppliers for good working conditions
  • No dangerous chemicals in production
  • Implementation of a zero waste strategy
  • Production within Europe
  • Implementation of strategies to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Offer an exclusive repair service

These 5 brands produce sustainable and modern sunglasses

1. Karen Walker Eyewear

Karen Walker Eyewear not only attracts attention with her extravagant designs with oversize shapes and creative colors, but also puts social responsibility at the center of her brand. Through ethical procurement conditions, environmental protection and compliance with social standards, every pair of sunglasses becomes a fashion statement for all those who want to stand out from the crowd through extravagance.

Woman wearing Karen Walker Eyewear sunglasses

Source & Copyright by Karen Walker

2.Stella McCartney

Aesthetics and sustainability, that's what the British luxury brand stands for Stella McCartney and doesn’t make any compromises. With the motto “We are agents of change”, the brand is offering modern sunglasses this summer innovative materials. A frame made of citric acid and bio-acetate in classic designs and the characteristic Stella McCartney colors.

Woman wears Stella McCartney sunglasses

Source & Copyright by Stella McCartney


VIU sunglasses stand for high quality materials, handcraft and design. A special focus is on the complete transparency of the manufacturing process. While the drafting of the designs takes place in Switzerland, they are made by hand in Italy and Japan. When it comes to materials, the brand uses sustainable alternatives such as acetate, stainless steel, titanium or 3-D print models made of polyamide dust, which should give stability to all frames. The brand offers versatile models for every type.

A man and a woman each wear Viu sunglasses

Source & Copyright VIU

4. LaBante

The London luxury brand LaBante combines nature and fashion in its designs. These modern sunglasses are made from 100% sustainable as well recycled rosewood from Brazil. In addition, the brand sets a Low-waste strategy in order to keep their waste to a minimum. From cat-eye shapes to aviator sunglasses, there are a variety of designs.

Woman wears LaBante sunglasses

Source & Copyright LaBante

5. Sea2See

From Plastic waste Creating modern sunglasses, that is the promise of Didier Reynders' label, Sea2See. Each of his sunglasses frames are made from one kilogram recycled plastic materialsthat come from the oceans. The production of the ethical sunglasses takes place in Italy by hand. With every pair of sunglasses bought, 10 euros go straight back to collecting Plastic waste on beaches. Summer look meets fashion statement.

Woman lies by the sea and wears Sea2See sunglasses

Source & Copyright Sea2See

The sunglasses trends 2021 - sustainability paired with elegance

Sustainability goes hand in hand with elegance and modern designs. It is not for nothing that the sunglasses trends 2021 are characterized by sustainable and modern sunglasses made of innovative materials and extravagant looks. Whether Karen Walker Eyewear, VIU, Stella McCartney, LaBante or Sea2See - in addition to stylish sunglasses models, these brands all have one thing in common: They are committed to a more sustainable future with their products and thus gain absolute sympathy points.



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