News: Moncler goes fur-free as part of its sustainability agenda

Moncler announces to phase out fur in all of its collections, as part of its Born to Protect sustainability agenda

Mocler fur free
Source & Copyright by Moncler

Author: Sarah Marie Lau

  • Moncler officially commits to a fur-free future
  • New Born to Protect Collection proves continued commitment
  • One of the most sustainable fashion brands according to S&P assessment

The portrait of the "Lady with an Ermine" is one of the most important paintings of the Renaissance. The fashion brand Moncler has set itself a similarly ambitious goal in dealing with fur for the upcoming collections. In a press release dated January 25, 2022, Moncler officially announced that it will stop using fur in all its collections. The last fur collection will therefore appear in autumn/winter 2023 and the purchase of the animal-based material already is being stopped this year.

As part of his "Born To Protect" sustainability plan the Italian luxury label is launching the namesake collection for the second time. By this way the brand wants to illustrate a continuous commitment to protecting our planet. Moncler follows the brands of the luxury group Kering,who also want to do without animal furs in the future. Dolce & Gabbana also recently followed this decision and intends to stop using fur or angora from 2022.

Moncler sets sustainability as a new corporate standard

All items of the Born to Protect jacket collection, including accessories, shopping bags and gift boxes are made from recycled nylon and polyester, organic cotton and other sustainable materials. Where it cannot be avoided, the brand relies on the use of materials with the smallest possible climate footprint. According to Moncler, the jacket is causing 40% less CO₂ emissions than traditional nylon jackets.

According to the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2021, the brand is rated as one of the most sustainable brands in the world for the third year in a row. The luxury label received the highest score in the textile, clothing and luxury goods industry.

Source & Copyright by Moncler

Collaboration with the animal welfare organization LAV

In addition, a constructive and long-term cooperation with the Italian animal welfare organization LAV, as a representative of the Fur Free Alliance, is being established. The aim is to demonstrate actions around climate protection, circular economy and fair procurement as well as to promote diversity and support local communities. The decision against fur was certainly influenced by a new decision of the Italian government to ban fur farms nationwide.

When a company takes up so much environmental awareness, critics quickly suspect Greenwashing . However, committing to being fur-free as a fashion brand represents a significant contribution to more sustainability in the fashion industry. According to Peta, in addition to the obvious animal suffering, enormous resources and chemicals are used for the fur production.

Wearing fur is still a political issue

Today, wearing fur is still a political issue that is associated with a certain image. If Moncler manages to direct this attention to the future with their new Born to Protect collection, it is very likely that a role model will emerge from these good intentions. This could lead to more fashion brands opting for fur-free and sustainability.


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