News: Chloé and Vestiaire Collective launch digital product ID

How Chloé Vertical wants to revolutionize the traceability, transparency and circularity of fashion with the help of a digital ID

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  • Chloé and Vestiaire Collective launch Chloé Vertical
  • A digital ID simplifies supply chain transparency and traceability, as well as resale
  • The ID enables consumers to make informed decisions and obliges brands to comply with their sustainability claims

Vestiaire Collective has unveiled its latest collaboration with Chloé: Chloé Vertical. A project that was developed together with tech partner EON. More precisely, all products in the Chloé Vertical Capsule Collection are provided with a digital ID, so consumers can simply scan the labels with their smartphone and thus the entire track supply chain can. In the Big Picture, this is an important step for the entire fashion industry, since transparency and traceability are among its greatest challenges.

Chloé Vertical promotes sustainable mindset & action

But that's not all. The ID gives consumers access to details about product care and repairs, as well as a certificate of ownership showing the direct resale made possible by Vestiaire Collective. And that means win-win. On the one hand, the sustainable mindset of consumers is strengthened through education regarding care and repair. On the other hand, he will Resale of Products made easier than ever before. Which increases the readiness for resale. This can improve the material cycle in terms of the circular economy, which conserves natural resources. In short: Chloé Vertical promotes sustainable awareness, the circular economy and resource conservation.

Why the digital ID could accelerate the positive change in fashion

Maximilian Bittner, Chairman and CEO of Vestiaire Collective, describes the innovative ID as a tool to "revolutionize the digital customer experience through instant resale". In the official announcement of the project, he also emphasizes that Vestiaire Collective wants to pursue the concept with other brands in order to create a sustainable future. And Chloé also describes the consistent use of a digital ID as the key "to accelerating what is required throughout the fashion industry change in business models" in an official press release.

Why Chloé Vertical could - and should - go from pilot to industry standard

Ultimately, there is a lot of hope that Chloé Vertical will inspire the entire industry. After all, as a model for more transparency, repair and resale is an important tool to meet the needed and expected improvements in sustainability efforts. This is done by obliging brands to act more sustainably and enabling consumers to make more informed decisions. Although the project is currently only designed as a one-year pilot, long-term implementation is not only desirable, but also to be expected. 


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