News: LN-CC x Martine Rose launches sustainable capsule collection

Kick-off of the "Late Night - Conscious Campaign": LN-CC starts sustainable initiative through Zero Waste collaboration with London designer Martine Rose

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  • The "Late Night - Conscious Campaign" by LN-CC supports high-end designers in producing sustainably
  • The initiative's first collection was created in cooperation with London men's fashion designer Martine Rose
  • All pieces in the collection were upcycled from the remnants of their studio

LN-CC promotes environmental protection within the fashion industry

Due to its progressive concept, there is currently a real hype surrounding the London retailer LN-CC speak. Based in London, the retailer is more of an exclusive platform than a store. Women's and men's fashion are available in the context of individual product rooms, a library, a record store and even a club where private events can be organized. The range consists of a balanced mixture of streetwear and exquisite high-end designs such as Lavin or Yohji Yamamoto. Admission is only possible by appointment.

To make good use of the current hype, LN-CC has now launched a project that supports brands that are committed to making positive commitments to the environment. Under the name "Late Night - Conscious Capsule", the retailer helps designers from the luxury segment to produce sustainably. The aim is to point out environmentally harmful circumstances in the fashion industry. As part of the initiative, LN-CC will cooperate with various designers and launch a capsule collection, each of which points to a specific problem in the industry. This is intended to create more awareness and an environmentally friendly alternative for consumers.

LN-CC x Martine Rose - London collaboration for the first edition of the sustainable initiative

For the first edition, LN-CC has worked with the London designer Martine Rose and their label of the same name, which was founded in 2007. Inspired by subcultures such as rave and hip-hop culture, the Londoner with Jamaican roots decided to create her designs as an expression of musical belonging. Commercial goals were always behind the focus on (sub-) cultural ties, which can still be seen in the corporate philosophy today. Rose organized her fashion show in a London neighborhood in 2018, in which only local locals presented the collection instead of models.

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Rose's vision is subversive and unconventional. Despite her focus on men's clothing, the designer rejects traditional gender norms. To this end, it references the classic emblems of masculinity through oversized proportions, wide silhouettes, sporty jackets and logo tees and T-shirts. And only to refute them afterwards - the details of the pieces are unexpectedly playful, decorated with frills and cut-outs. The result: androgynous streetwear that is so inspiring that the creative director of Balenciaga Rose hired as a consultant for his streetwear collection.

As a pioneer of the current hype for streetwear, she is ideal as the first designer of the "Late Night - Conscious Capsule". This is designed around the topic of "waste" to indicate the dramatic waste production of the fashion industry. As only 15% of all garments worldwide are recycled, upcycled or reused, the first edition of the sustainable initiative is an important example.

Upcycling collection for the "Late Night - Conscious Campaign"

In the spirit of zero waste, all 8 pieces were limited Unisex collection made from production waste. To do this, use Rose Upcyclingto convert waste as well as over- or incorrectly produced fabrics into the high-quality designer pieces. A process to promote the circular economy and minimize waste production in the fashion industry.

In the Martin Rose style, the pieces of the collaboration are characterized by wide, relaxed silhouettes. Asymmetrical details and contrasting elements complete her approach. A patchwork aesthetic runs through the entire collection.

In addition to a tracksuit made of upcycled cotton, which stands out with its visible patchwork stitching and is available in yellow and two shades of blue, the two shirts in the collection in particular have potential favorites. Available in two blue combinations, the shirt with its asymmetrical button placket looks particularly casual.

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Launch: Short film for the visual London Fashion Week

To mark the launch of the Capsule Collection, LN-CC produced a short film with poet, author, model and activist Kai-Isaiah Jamal. He has already worked with Vogue and is committed to equality and justice for marginalized groups. The film will be released as part of the visual London Fashion Week, which is taking place as a digital event due to the corona pandemic.





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