News: Moncler launches Born to Protect Sustainability Plan

Fashion for the future. Moncler has expanded its mission in the name of sustainability and is launching a specific plan to protect the environment and people. Born to Protect represents a new era in the fashion industry

Moncler sustainability
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As an internationally renowned high-fashion company, it is no wonder that Moncler S.p.A. has positioned itself as an advocate as well as a driver of the sustainability megatrend, topping the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the industry leader for luxury goods & textiles for the second year in a row. In doing so, Moncler has earned the gold standard of corporate sustainability, a trusted reference for investors who incorporate sustainability considerations into their investment decision-making process.

Now, the Italian fashion house is continuing its commitment to sustainable development by launching a comprehensive plan that describes social as well as environmental responsibility as an integral part of its business model. The clear focus is on five strategic drivers: climate action, circular economy and fair sourcing, as well as promoting diversity and local communities.

Inspired by the "Born to Protect from the Cold" credo, which is deeply anchored in Moncler's corporate DNA, the "Moncler Born to Protect Sustainability Plan" is now intended to expand the fashion giant's conservation efforts. In addition to exclusive down jackets to protect against the cold, the plan promotes the protection of people as well as the planet. And it does so with regard to some of the most relevant challenges of our time. This is made clear in the summary overview of the main branches of the plan.


Source & Copyright by Moncler

Moncler Born to Protect Sustainability Plan: 5 drivers for 1 goal

  1. Climate measures
  2. circular economy
  3. Fair procurement
  4. Promoting diversity
  5. Promotion of local communities

Corporate Social Responsibility - Moncler shows how it's done

At the launch of the plan, CEO as well as Chairman, Remo Ruffini, underlines the urgency of social and environmental improvements to shape a healthy future. "To meet these great challenges, as individuals, as organizations and as companies, we need to mobilize extraordinary forces as well as energies. The kind that can only be generated when people are rallied to common goals. We need to find new ways of thinking and working, and innovative solutions in new places," says Ruffini.

He goes on to say that Moncler will "take on these challenges with humility and ambition." And it will do so step by step. With the plan thus complementing the fashion house's long-standing commitment to sustainability, Ruffini describes the Moncler Born to Protect Sustainability Plan as "a renewal of our ongoing commitment to protect today and tomorrow for all."

Hands-on: Implementation of the protective measures

Protection in terms of sustainability

To implement its sustainability plan, Moncler is pushing precise measures. These range from reducing its environmental impact to become CO2 neutral, to recycling fabric waste and using sustainable nylons, to eliminating single-use plastics or switching to renewable energy by 2023. Further focus is also on implementing innovative processes to promote the circular economy as well as the traceability of raw materials and the continuous improvement of social and environmental standards along the entire supply chain.

Ethical protection

To protect people, the plan includes both internal and external awareness initiatives. These aim to strengthen diversity while promoting a constant, inclusive culture. Actions to implement these plans include supporting local communities through at least one high-impact social project a year, protecting 100.000 children and families from the cold by 2023, and volunteering every employee by 2022.



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