Re-Creation Program: Nike's new experiment in circular fashion

New products made from local vintage and dead-stock pieces aim to advance the circular vision

Nike re-creation
Source & Copyright by Nike

Author: Sydney

  • Nike establishes new initiative for circular fashion
  • Produced locally from vintage and deadstock pieces
  • Limited edition continues to clarify boundaries

Circular fashion is an increasingly important approach in the fashion industry. Same with Nike. With the motto “close to – and designed for – the local athlete” the company heralds its new Re-Creation program. Accordingly, the main goal is: to give vintage and deadstock parts a new life. In this way, new products are to be created from old ones. Furthermore, these are both designed and produced locally. For the time being only available for a limited time.

Nike Re-Creation: More than a circular economy experiment?

Nike Re-Creation follows the initiatives Nike Grind, Nike Refurbished and Nike Recycling & Donation. It is thus another attempt by the group to develop new solutions for the circular economy and their net zero target to get closer. The new program aims to reinterpret waste and resources. The first collection includes three fleece hoodies and a crew silhouette inspired by Los Angeles sports culture. For now, however, the pieces are limited and available exclusively at the Los Angeles Nike Grove Store.

Source & Copyright by Nike

The pieces are made locally using a manual process. This makes each part unique, but also makes the limits of circularity in terms of mass suitability clear again. The patches and decorative seams, which also serve to improve the quality, should be emphasized as a design-technically beautiful approach. Because with textiles made exclusively from recycled materials, the quality is still a challenge. The initiative is therefore more of a signal for the sustainable vision of the sports giant.

This is also confirmed by John Hoke, Nike's Chief Design Officer: “Nike Re-Creation is an exciting moment of experimentation. The program exemplifies Nike's collaborative spirit, bringing together design, retail, supply chain and sustainability professionals to strategize and learn."- John Hoke, Chief Design Officer, Nike Inc.


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