Top 10 size-inclusive brands promote female empowerment

Size-inclusive brands promote self-expression, diversity and even sustainability - here are our top 10 brands for female empowerment

Size inclusive brands
Source & Copyright by Mara Hoffman

Author: Julia Schindler

Inclusion, diversity and the empowerment of disadvantaged groups concern everyone - brands as well as consumers. While many industries are accepting and implementing this fact more and more, there are still prevailing industrial norms in the fashion sector. All the more worth mentioning are the brands that, in addition to ethics and sustainability, also subscribe to an inclusive strategy. Above all, size-inclusive brands that make fashion accessible and attractive for everyone - regardless of size, fit, origin, age or orientation.

What and who exactly do female empowerment and size inclusive mean?

The short answer to this question is all. The long one: All races, ethnicities, sizes, disabilities and orientations. It's about expanding female empowerment. It's about everybody's empowerment: everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves. Inclusive brands for fashion offer size-inclusive fashion and thus offer high quality with aesthetic demands in an expanded size range. Included Make-up brandshowever, offer a wide range of color nuances for every skin tone.

Gender Equality and Inclusivenessare also part of the Sustainable Development Goalsthe UN Agenda 2030. An inclusive corporate DNA can also directly promote sustainability in the fashion industry. In order to eco-friendly fashionthat is, when the niche finally becomes normal, it must be accessible to everyone. And thus also include every physical condition.

Top 10 size-inclusive brands

Even if some brands are already trying to close this gap and set a trend-setting example, they often lack media presence and therefore lack of attention. It is all the more important to give them a platform. These size-inclusive brands break through media-pushed, industrial and outdated norms and enable everyone to present themselves individually - and they are also sustainable.

  1. Mara Hoffman
  2. Universal Standard
  3. Marina rinaldi
  4. Swimsuits for everyone
  5. Christy Dawn
  6. Good american
  7. Girlfriend collective
  8. Reformation
  9. Fenty Beauty
  10. Chromat

1.Mara Hoffman

By 2021 at the latest, no one can ignore the most massive movements in the fashion industry: sustainability and (size) inclusivity. And therefore not to Mara Hoffman either. Namely, while the label was founded in 2000, it has been sustainable and implements responsible production practices since 2015. Edgy and simple to colorful patterned it-pieces are available made of eco-friendly, certified materials and in an exclusively expanded range of sizes.

Seat:United States, New York
Key Facts:2XS-3XL, recycling, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certification
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:High quality, unusual patterns, elegance to swimwear

2. Universal Standard

Origin, religion, weight, age and physical disabilities do not play a role at Universal Standard. Uncompromising and universal inclusion. And incomparable: with a variety of sizes from 4XS to 4XL, US has been the world's most inclusive brand for women since 2019. Anti-racism campaigns and recycling programs complete the holistically responsible image of the future-oriented, inclusive brand.

Seat:United States, New York
Key Facts:4XS-4XL, World's Most Size-Inclusive Brand, Philanthropy & Sustainability
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:Casual, sporty-chic, denim collections & well-known collaborations (e.g. x Erdem)

3. Marina Rinaldi

Pioneering brand in terms of female empowerment, body positivity and size-inclusive brand. Marina Rinaldi has been designing fashion from size 40 for over 40 years. This philosophy is inspired by the founder's great-grandmother. Since 1850, she has only employed women in her studio in order to strengthen them and give them financial independence. Thanks to its craftsmanship, the label enables all women, regardless of dress size or life situation, to appear elegant and comfortable.

Seat:Italy, Reggio Emilia
Key Facts:From size 40, inclusion since 1980, fusion of design and functionality
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:High quality, timeless, Haute-Couture, Elegance, Voyage, Sport & Relax collections

4. Swimsuits for All 

So that women feel comfortable in their bodies and are proud of them, Swimsuits for All produces swimwear of all kinds - from bikinis to swimwear to tankinis. These are available in size-inclusive sizes from 4 to 44. And with a perfect fit: Functionality and elasticity are tested on different models for each size, so that well-being is guaranteed even when worn. The perfect fit is also offered by evaluating each model on the basis of 40 different measuring points.

Seat:United States, New York
Key Facts:different models & fits from size 4 to 44 
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:High quality, simple to colorful as well as sexy with cut-outs or elegant with cover-ups

5.Christy Dawn

Hand-sewn, organic pieces in special size-inclusive size collections such as Extended Sizing, Petite and Maternity. While these visually captivate with their romantic flower patterns and natural earth tones, their skin and environmental friendliness makes Christy Dawn a brand-to-watch. The label not only wants to be sustainable, but also regenerative. All materials are natural and upcycled to close cycles and protect the planet.

Seat:United States, Los Angeles
Key Facts:XS-2XL, deadstock upcycling, regenerative practices& Support of local communities
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:Floral, feminine, playful & natural

6. Good American

Good American aims to redefine fashion for the modern woman through innovation. Since denim has a very bad environmental balance, this is where the brand comes in. She uses 90% sustainable denim fabrics and uses eco-friendly packaging. In addition, energy- and waste-efficient production. And industry standards are also challenged: 100% size inclusive, every model from XS to 4XL is available. Extra: Good American has launched a new jeans size - this is between the traditional 42 and 44 and thus offers an alternative for everyone.

Seat:United States, Los Angeles
Key Facts:XS-4XL, sustainable denim, 100% inclusive
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:Denim & other active, swim & everyday wear

7. Girlfriend Collective

This brand offers sport essentials made from innovative recycled materials such as RPET and Econyl®. This includes active wear, yoga clothing, underwear and swimwear. Here, a lot of emphasis is placed on transparency, especially with regard to production and materials. Fair working conditions and promotion of the community are also a matter of course. With his ReGirlfriend initiative, customers can also send in old clothes in exchange for a voucher, which can then be turned into new clothes. The brand offers its fresh styles in sizes from XXS to 6XL.

Seat:United States, Seattle
Key Facts:2XS-6XL, active wear for every style
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:Confident and active

8. Reformation

Sustainability, ethics and chic LA vibes have made Reformation one of the trend labels of the past year. At least stand responsible brands for women's fashionvery popular. And since the label now also combines environmental protection with inclusion and offers every sustainable it-piece up to size 56, Reformation is more than a trend. Rather, it is a representative example of a brand that reflects the spirit of the times and a future-oriented model for the fashion industry.

Brand Origin: USA, Los Angeles
Key facts: 2XS-6XL, CO2-neutral, zero waste
Stores: Online-Shop
Style: Feminine, cool & confident

Fenty Beauty

In 2017, Rihanna ushered in a new era in the cosmetics industry with the launch of Fenty Beauty and 40 different make-up shades. Their vision: "Create amazing products that really work, that are easy to use, and everyone can get it on", so that everyone is included everywhere. Previously there was no comparable color palette and therefore a range of options for every skin tone. There are now 50 nuances and the plan to integrate "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" even more deeply into the company's DNA. Fenty is already vegan and non-toxic.

Seat:France, Paris
Key Facts:50 make-up nuances for every skin type and tone, orientation aid "Shade Finder"
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:Products for every make-up look you want 

10. Chromate

Everybody's Empowerment: Chromat celebrates all races, ethnicities, sizes, disabilities and orientations. Since 2010, the founder has been designing body and swimwear that empowers every body through the perfect fit. At the interface of architecture, fashion and technology, each piece is intended to improve the performance of the body through modern design and innovative fabrics. And promote environmental protection: each piece is made of regenerated, circularly processed nylon from fishing nets that previously polluted the sea.

Seat:USA, New York & Miami
Key Facts:XS-4XL, fair working conditions & pay, recycling, cleaning up the oceans
Stores: Online-Shop
Style:Modern, self-confident, sporty & sexy


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