Fashion Forward: These are today's sneaker trends

Due to the growing relevance of the streetwear scene, sneakers have become a status symbol. Here are the top sneaker trends 2020

nike off white, Balanciaga Sneaker Trends 2020
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Author: Julia Schindler

The luxury industry is changing. While a number of brands established themselves in the high-end segment a few years ago through haute couture, their focus today is increasingly on oversized hoodies, graphic tees, Unisex looks and Sneaker Trends 2020. The reason: Luxury brands are more and more oriented towards the interests of the generation of the increasingly relevant for them Millennials and Gen Z.. The fact that established brands such as Louis Vuitton or Fendi are now launching streetwear collections and entering into collaborations with classic streetwear labels such as Supreme or Fila is high-end Streetwear has become a status symbol.

One item is particularly popular: sneakers. They have turned from functional sports shoes to all-rounders, are casual and yet exclusive. Limited editions, high prices and favorite status among the Stars have made it one of the most desirable goods of our time and show how relaxed luxury looks today.

These are the top 6 sneaker trends 2020

  1. Ugly sneakers
  2. Partnerships
  3. Sustainable sneakers
  4. Platform sneaker
  5. Vintage sneakers
  6. White sneakers

1. Ugly sneakers

Whether chunky or dad sneakers - at the latest since Balenciaga's Triple S, clunky, blatant or in the classic sense even unstylish variants have established themselves as the status symbol of young luxury consumers. While the chunky version was particularly popular last year, this year it's all about chaotic design, wild color combinations and even trekking and running shoe aesthetics. This trend sneaker 2020 is perfectly implemented by Gucci, Adidas and - who would have expected it differently after the Triple S hype - Balenciaga.

Sneaker trends - Balenciaga

Source & Copyright by Balenciaga

2. Collaborations

While collaborations between high-end brands and streetwear labels are currently shaking up the fashion cosmos and producing the most-wanted pieces of the season, sneakers created through collaboration are particularly popular. Be it the collaboration between Comme des Garçons and Converse or Nike and the hype label Off-White. Collaborations - often even limited editions - make it possible to wear two designers at the same time and to make a strong fashion statement through the exclusivity of the pieces. Incidentally, the Nike Air Jordan 4 x Off-White has particular potential this summer.

sneaker trends

Source & Copyright by Off-White

3. Sustainable sneakers

In line with evolving customer needs, more and more companies are integrating the concept of sustainability into their corporate philosophy. Sustainable sneakers meet two trends at the cutting edge: environmental awareness and streetwear. The It-Pieces should not only look good, they should also be produced in an environmentally friendly and fair manner. Be it the reduction of CO2 emissions, recycled materials or fair trade certificates - positive commitments emphasize sustainable sneakers in the large product range. Brands such as Veja or Womsh have pioneered this and have even prompted Kanye Wests to launch a sustainable and vegan collection with their hype brand Yeezy.

Anyone who carefully curates sustainable sneakers and is looking for them at a glance will find: Sneakers unplugged*. The Düsseldorf start-up is the first store to exclusively offer sustainable, fair and vegan sneakers. In total, the brand features 12 brands and over 100 models that are not only environmentally friendly but also suitable for the street.

sustainable sneakers

Image source & copyright by Womsch

4. Platform sneaker

Even if this trend had hype last year, it will still be relevant in 2020. And rightly so: the platform soles extend the leg optically and look nice and slim. Without high heels, you can create an elegant, figure-flattering look. While stars like Gigi Hadid swear by the trend, more and more brands are discovering its potential. Whether Prada, Acne Studios, Golden Goose or Superga - the Platform Sneaker Trend 2020 can be found in numerous current collections.

sneaker trend

Golden Goose Sneakers, image source Mytheresa

5. Vintage sneakers

Comeback of the classics. Be it Reeboks, Vans, Converse or Nikes - instead of new collections, evergreens like the Nike Cortez or Reebok Club C are used. After all, these were not without reason popular at earlier times and never lost in demand. Regardless of whether they are vintage or new, they can be easily combined and are proven to be timeless.


6. White sneakers

For everyone for whom the trend around fancy, colorful or chunky sneakers is a little too violent, good news comes here: the white sneaker is and remains a favorite in the fashion scene. It convinces with its incomparable combinability and simple elegance and can clearly differentiate itself from the other sneaker trends 2020. Be it in combination with a summer dress, jeans or a trouser suit - the white sneaker ensures the right amount of nonchalance and thus always remains in vogue.

Sneaker trends - Alexander McQueen

Source & Copyright by Alexander McQueen


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