TEFAF - the art fair of superlatives in New York

Modern art and design of the post-war period, antiques, ethnographic art and jewelry at the superlative art fair

tefaf the art fair of superlatives

Art & Antiques Market

What is more sustainable than a furniture or jewellerythat has been in the family for several generations? When viewing antiques and Art objects we become aware of how uniqueness, sophistication and quality can write contemporary history. Of the Antique market however, faces some challenges. In the middle price segment in particular, sales figures are falling sharply worldwide. Nowadays people rarely furnish themselves with baroque chests of drawers, Biedermeier cabinets and rococo tables. What used to cost a fortune is worth far less today. The furnishing crossovers now largely consist of modern furniture with two or three antiquarian elements.

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The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF)

The high-price segment of the art & antiques market remains very stable, however, with some shifts within the art branches. The multi-millionaires from emerging countries, the young super-rich from Silicon Valley as well as international art collectors & enthusiasts continue to invest in the industry and are ready to spend large sums of money on unique feats.



The expansion of the world's most elite art fair, TEFAF, to New York shows that the art & antiques market continues to be one of the most important markets of superlatives.

For more than 30 years, the most exclusive art fair has been held in Maastricht and since 2016 also in New York. CEO Patrick van Maris, who has been in charge of the company since 2015, paved the way for internationalization of the brand and successfully established it in the US.

But the boom in contemporary art and the decline in the purchase of Alter Meister, the art branch that requires art-historical expertise, are forcing the TEFAF to redefine itself: the TEFAF is getting younger as modern and contemporary art becomes more and more important. The management reacts to the changed trends and repositions itself in the market.

Whether old masters or contemporary art, the intention to own something that gains in value over time and leaves a piece of history to the next generation is and remains an elegant thought.




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