The British luxury brand Burberry and its sustainable reorientation

The luxury label Burberry becomes part of the Sustainable Luxury Movement: In addition to a fairly produced coat collection, the company wants to produce climate-neutral by 2022

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The British luxury brand Burberry becomes part of the Sustainable Luxury Movement: In addition to a fairly produced coat collection, the luxury label has a climate neutral Aimed for production by 2022. Especially for that Fashion industry this is an ambitious goal.

Burberry introduces sustainable Econyl Capsule collection

In August, the new environmentally friendly collection was presented, with a focus on the implementation of the circular economy, The classic jacquard parka and classic car coat have been redefined in a sustainable way and made from the innovative fabric ECONYL®.

ECONYL® by Aquafil is a sustainable nylon yarn derived from recycled fishing nets, scraps and industrial plastics. The Burberry Econyl Coat should become a classic and at the same time pave the way into a sustainable fashion industry.

In addition, leather scraps, for example, are now reused in production, fur is completely dispensed with and the company supports the research and development of sustainable materials. The latter manifested itself above all in the presentation of the new ECONYL collection.

Why does Burberry focus on sustainability?

Burberry should position itself more sustainable and environmentally conscious. And for good reason: until 2018 clothes, perfume and accessories that were not sold, burned - and worth up to 31 million euros a year.

Many brands avoid that the goods are sold below value. Environmentalists massively criticize this negligent destruction of important resources. Therefore, from now on, unsold goods will be donated or recycled by Burberry. And otherwise, the Group is taking a more sustainable path.

This is also the basis for the Zero Waste idea that Burberry has implemented in its corporate culture. For example, until 2025, all packaging material should be recyclable, recyclable or biodegradable.


The goals of the British luxury brand at the G7 summit

Burberry has also set itself the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 95 percent in order to produce climate-neutral products. For the first time, the greenhouse gas targets apply to the entire supply chain. At the same time, the luxury company wants to work exclusively by using renewable energy.

Pam Batty, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Burberry, emphasizes the company's increased commitment to sustainability: "The new collection is just one of the ways in which Burberry is actively changing and improving its own product development process, knowing that our industry can play a key role in building a more sustainable future."

The company lays its sustainability goals thus promoting greater transparency in industry. Burberry is also co-signer of the "G7 Fashion Pact", a global alliance of 32's leading fashion companies to combat climate change.

The pact aims to limit global warming, protect the oceans and restore biodiversity. The fashion pact was presented to the heads of state during the G7 meeting in Biarritz.


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