Second hand designer fashion: How to find exclusive designer treasures

Whether Hermés Birkin Bag or Balenciaga Streetstyles - on these platforms for high-end secondhand online shopping you can find old designer treasures & find new ones - in the context of the circular economy

Secondhand online shopping best designer things
Source & Copyright by Rebelle

Author: Julia Schindler

Have you bought the latest designer bag in red and now regret not having opted for the more timeless gray? Destinations for Designer second hand Fashion solve such problems. In times of a constantly changing landscape fashion, high-end second-hand platforms combine an exclusive shopping experience with the new needs of the growing group of conscious consumers.

Während luxury Long defined by exuberant consumption, the New Luxury is largely shaped by the idea of ​​sustainability. Because fashion lovers resell their designer treasures and acquire new ones, the business model is based on the idea of circular economy fair: Extended life cycles, high-quality products and minimized waste. But there are also other advantages for second hand designer fashion.

Advantages of second hand designer fashion

  1. affordability: Designer clothing can often be very expensive, but when you buy from a thrift store you can find quality designer pieces at a fraction of the cost of new.
  2. Uniqueness: Thrift shops offer a variety of unique designer pieces that may no longer be commercially available. This allows you to develop your own individual style and stand out from the crowd.
  3. Sustainability: By buying second-hand designer clothes, you help reduce waste and promote sustainability. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries and by reusing existing clothes you reduce your ecological footprint.
  4. Quality and durability: Designer clothes tend to be high quality and durable. If you buy second hand designer clothes, you can benefit from this quality and buy clothes that will last a long time.
  5. Access to different brands: Buying second hand designer clothes gives you access to a variety of brands that might otherwise be out of your budget. So you can try out different designers and discover new styles.
  6. preservation of value: Designer clothing can retain or even increase in value over time. Some designer pieces are coveted collector's items, and if you buy them used and take good care of them, they could even increase in value later on.

Which designer items are particularly suitable for second-hand shopping

  • Handbags: Second hand designer bags are often very expensive, but they usually retain their value and are coveted items in the second hand market. Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy or Dior are some of the popular brands.
  • Shoes: Designer shoes are another area where great bargains can be found. Luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Prada or Manolo Blahnik offer high-quality shoes that can often be found in good condition.
  • Dresses: Second hand designer clothing is often a statement piece and can be found in the second hand market at an affordable price. Whether for formal occasions, evening events or special events.
  • Accessories: Besides handbags, there are many other designer accessories that are available in the second-hand section. This includes sunglasses, jewellery, belts, scarves and other small accessories. These can add a touch of luxury to the outfit.
  • Vintage Pieces: In the second-hand sector, you can often find unique vintage designer pieces that are no longer commercially available. These vintage pieces can come from coveted designer brands and often have a nostalgic appeal.

It is important to note that the availability of certain designer items in the second hand market can vary from place to place and from shop to shop. It is worth browsing regularly and keeping an eye out for the designer pieces you want.

These are our top 10 designer second hand shops online:

  1. Vestiaire Collective
  2. Rebelle
  3. re-SEE
  4. Vit En Vogue
  5. Retold vintage
  6. fashionphile
  7. Hey London
  8. Luxury garage sale
  9. Collector Square
  10. The Resolution Store

1. Vestiaire Collective

Every day the in-house experts of Vestiaire Collective the Paris platform the catalog of authenticated second-hand designer fashion around 3.000 pieces. Be it a signature piece like the Hermés Birkin Bag or hip it-pieces from luxurious street fashion labels like Off-White - every design lover will find what they are looking for here and discover new trends. This is ensured, among other things, by the regular publication of the editors' favorite pieces and those of so-called opinion leaders.

second hand designer fashion

Image source: Vestiaire Collective

2. Rebelle

On the Hamburg resale platform Rebelle more than 1 million users are dedicated to buying and selling used fashion from almost 600 designer brands. In addition, in-house experts verify the luxury goods offered privately in order to rule out the sale of plagiarism. While hands-on types can organize the sale themselves, this feature makes Rebelle the new go-to website for all all-inclusive fans: the platform's concierge service takes care of the entire sale - including professional photos and product descriptions. After the IPO Rebelle now belongs to the second hand shop Vinted.

second hand designer fashion bag

Image source & copyright by Rebelle

3. Re-SEE

re-SEE is committed to circulating iconic vintage and second-hand pieces in a circular economy to promote sustainability. The two founders are highly qualified fashion experts who work at VOGUE and Self Service Magazine. With a focus on unforgettable pieces that have revolutionized the fashion world and have become timeless classics, everything from Chanel tweed jackets to Helmut Lang 90s pieces can be found here.

Based in Paris, all pieces are authenticated, revised if necessary and shipped globally. Anyone who completes a membership enjoys small benefits such as curated recommendations. Another cool feature: Experts and celebrities give fashion tips and show their favorite pieces from Re-SEE.

second hand designer fashion shoe

Image source & copyright by RE-SEE

4. Vit En Vogue

Premium second hand designer fashion – order online quickly, easily and securely. Vite En Vogue is one of the leading second hand shops in Europe. Here men and women will find shoes, handbags and accessories for high fashion fans. Unique pieces from brands like Acne, Balenciaga and Chanel. Each individual piece is carefully checked by the experienced purchasing team for authenticity, quality and topicality. Only the fashion parts and accessories that pass this test make it into the shop. Fast delivery, the 30-day right of return and a very personal customer service round off the shopping experience.

secondhand fashion

5. Retold vintage

Since 2018, founder Claire Lewis has been sourcing every piece on the Retold vintage platform by hand. And that under the premise of making it possible for conscious shoppers to shop sustainably without sacrificing modern aesthetics. The result: an exquisite selection of timeless vintage pieces by Yves Saint Laurent and other design greats made from high-quality and natural materials for every style. Remarkable: In the spirit of New Luxury, the founder enables radical transparency on her website and can be contacted directly by customers.

second hand designer fashion jewellery

Source & Copyright by Retold Vintage

6. Fashionphile

Since 1999 fashionphile launched to one of the leading and most trustworthy second-hand online platforms for luxurious and rare handbags. As the industry's trend-setting reseller, the platform's selection combines timeless Louis Vuitton classics with cutting-edge limited editions. In 2006, the platform also began offering accessories, jewelry and exclusive watches. The verification of the products is a matter of course.

7. Hewi London

The British Platform Hardly Ever Worn It has maintained its place in the world for high-end second-hand online shops since 2012. The first priority is the authentication of sellers, verification of goods and discretion - according to the company, international stars from the film and music industry are also among the buyers and sellers. HEWI offers over 71.000 coveted designer items for women, men and children. The in-house experts handle the entire purchase for VIPS.

8. Luxury Garage Sale

Whether offline in Chicago and Dallas or online 24/7 – Luxury garage sale sells authentic second-hand designer pieces. Since the platform is aware of the risk of a large investment like that in a high-end designer bag, it attaches particular importance to product verification. Here the materials, craftsmanship and serial codes are checked by hand to ensure the authenticity of the pieces. In addition, in-house experts are responsible for free style advice and make personalized recommendations to customers.

second hand designer fashion Chanel

Image source & Copyright by Luxury Garage Sale

9. Collectors Square

Collector Square is the European leader in the online second-hand market for handbags, jewelry and watches. Based on analysis reports like the LuxPrice index , a report on the demand for iconic pocket and watch models, in-house experts select all articles. This ensures the exclusivity and the sustainable value of each product. In the sense of the new mentality towards more transparency within the fashion industry, all experts and their background can be viewed online.

second hand designer fashion online platform

Image source & copyright by Collector Square

10. The Resolution Store

The British platform was created in response to statistics relating to the polluting garbage production of the fashion industry. In order to counteract the short lifespan of many items of clothing and the associated negative impact on the environment, the founders have committed themselves to minimizing waste, protecting natural resources and the circular economy.

To implement this slow fashion approach, they therefore combine curated reselling with the phenomenon of influencer marketing: bloggers open their wardrobes to consumers and offer exclusive, rarely worn items. The use of contemporary trends promotes sustainability in the fashion industry in this way.

Second-hand designer fashion is also a unique experience offline

The best thrift shops can vary by location. However, here are some popular second hand offline shops known for their selection of designer clothes:

1. Vintage Boutiques: Many cities have specialized vintage boutiques offering a variety of second-hand designer items. These stores often have a carefully curated selection of vintage fashion and offer a unique shopping experience. Find well-known vintage boutiques in your city or region.

2. Consignment business: Consignment shops take used clothing from individuals and sell it on behalf of individuals. Many consignment stores also have a designer clothing section where you can find quality second-hand items. Popular consignment chains are, for example, "The RealReal" or "Vestiaire Collective".

3. Charity Shops: Charities often run thrift stores selling donated clothing. Although the selection here is less specialized, sometimes you can still get lucky and find designer pieces at bargain prices. It's worth stopping by your local charity shops regularly.

4. Vintage fairs and markets: Some cities regularly host vintage fairs and markets where dealers and collectors offer their wares. These events often feature a wide range of vintage and designer clothing, including accessories and jewelry. Keep an eye out for such events in your area.

5. Designer Thrift Stores: Some specialized second hand designer shops specialize in designer clothing. These shops stock a selection of quality designer pieces that are often carefully checked and authenticated. Research online for such shops in your city or region.

It is advisable to look for local recommendations as the best second hand shops often live on word of mouth. Ask friends, family, or local fashion communities about their favorite thrift stores to discover the best options near you.

Second hand designer fashion meets the demands of sustainability and ethics

The second-hand luxury market is growing faster than the primary luxury market. That says the 18th edition of the Bain & Company Luxury Study. In line with the new mentality of responsible consumers of premium goods, 80% of those surveyed attach importance to luxury brands acting sustainably and ethically. In addition, this claim, led by Millennials and Gen Z, is also being realized privately. The motto: slow fashion instead of fast fashion and quality instead of quantity.

When it comes to high-end fashion, pre-owned means pre-loved! Investing in luxury goods means choosing quality and timelessness. Even if a piece does not expand your own wardrobe forever, high-end pieces can bring joy to different owners over many years due to their high quality.

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