Veja x Marni: sneakers at the intersection of sustainability and creativity

High fashion upgrade for Veja - Veja x Marni launches sustainable sneaker collaboration as a symbol of new luxury

veja x marni
Source & Copyright by Veja | Marni

Author: Sarah Marie Lau

The French trend brand Veja and the Italian designer label Marni have joined forces and are perhaps the most exciting Sneaker Collaboration launched of the season. The two-part collection consists of colorful interpretations of the classic model V-10 and the high-top sneaker V-15. The look: DIY multicolored doodles instead of Veja's go-to Minimalism. With that the sneakers is right at the intersection of the two brands and combines Veja's sustainable classics with the free-spirited creativity of Marni.

Veja x Marni co-creation

Veja has been driving sustainable change in the fashion industry since 2005, creating modern sneakers that support social projects, economic justice and use ecological materials connect with each other. In 2017 the brand managed to vegans in vogue to make and with some models proved that high quality Leather look also animal and environmentally friendly possible is. In short: The minimalist design of the French brand makes sustainable sneakers sexy. Away from the eco-image towards stylish pieces with cult status.

veja x marni

Source & Copyright by Veja | Marni

Multicolor, graphic determination and a touch of nostalgia - Marni stands for aesthetics with a strong visual language. This finds its inspiration in an experimental approach to materials, colors and shapes and the dialogue with the world of art. The product: high fashion as a symbol of the elegance and lightness of Dolce vitas. So it's no wonder that Marni Veja's classics are given a personal expression with colorful accents.

At the interface of sustainability and creativity

One key challenge is collaboration by the fashion labels represents not only the aesthetics, but also the visions of the two brands. Rethink fashion through sustainability and creativity. In matters SUSTAINABILITY guides Veja's commitment to responsible business practices. The leather comes from farms in Uruguay and was tanned and assembled in Brazil under environmentally friendly conditions in a gold-certified, water-saving tannery. Extra Plus: The one used leather is REACH-compliant, which ensures responsible use of chemicals to protect human and ecological health.

Source & Copyright by Veja | Marni

However, the sustainable commitment does not stop with the leather. The soles of the sneakers are made of 31% natural rubber from the Amazon, the use of which supports the local community, 22% rice waste and 12% recycled Rubber. Each sneaker also comes with two pairs of laces made from 100% recycled polyester are produced. The V-10 and V-15 models both come in a handmade DIY look reminiscent of felt-tip scribbles. The effect: originality, since the right and left shoe are not the same.

What's next?

Veja x Marni proves that sneakers can not only be sustainable, but also high fashion. And thus represents the modern zeitgeist of New Luxury. A special added value that the collaboration can thus generate is awareness of sustainable products in everyday and luxury product categories. Nevertheless: Even if sustainable co-creations are an important step towards making the fashion industry more sustainable, limited editions lead to additional environmental impacts in production. Accordingly, the production of Extra collections must always be critically examined. But the awareness this sneaker arouses is well worth it.


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