Exclusive accessories made from fine fabrics such as sustainable or vegan leather and Peace Silk. These exquisite products combine a sense of responsibility, design, style and quality.

Friendly hunting
Friendly hunting

Handmade in Nepal, selected cashmere suppliers, children's home project


Fairtrade cashmere, traceability, respect for animals & people

Natasha of Hirschhausen
Natasha von Hirschhausen

Recycled cashmere, handmade, 99% waste free and CO2 neutral


Promote UN goals, upcycling material, 100% charitable


Accessories round off well thought out outfits, give an individual, elegant touch and can be high quality and timeless. Scarves or shawls made from silk and cashmere are popular examples. The high-end brands of our Kosmos accessories show that these can meet aesthetic requirements as well as sustainability requirements by being made from fabrics such as Peace Silk.

Fair fashion: accessories made from sustainable cashmere

Since cashmere wool is an animal product, it is important that labels for the noble fabric integrate animal protection into their corporate philosophy. The selected brands of our brand guide use practices such as upcycling, work closely with manufacturers and professionals who are responsible for animals, and develop innovative production processes.

The selection of manufactories in countries known for specific handicrafts also promotes fair working conditions and tradition in emerging countries. You can find out exactly which stories are behind the exclusive accessories here.

Sustainability and ethics as a seal of quality in the accessories industry

In addition to cashmere wool, other high-quality and beautiful fabrics such as silk are preferred as a sustainable variant - i.e. as Peace Silk. While this is primarily due to the protection of nature, animals and people, quality is also a decisive factor. Brands for sustainable accessories consciously forego mass production and invest time in the detailed development of products. This ensures their longevity. Accessories from the selected brands in our guide can be passed on from generation to generation and embellish every outfit as statement pieces.