Cosmopolitan cuisine | Working with local farmers | Berlin style

The star restaurant stands for cosmopolitan cuisine with a main focus on Berlin. The menu interprets traditional Berlin dishes into sophisticated new creations, in keeping with the multicultural Berlin style.




Local enjoyment

Here, product-focused dishes are created out of regional ingredients, paired with a variety of high-quality products from all around the world. Accordingly, the restaurant works in close cooperation with farmers from the surrounding area and obtains products from a very own garden. With its own water filter system, the transport of water bottles is avoided and CO2 is saved.

Einsunternull made in Berlin

In addition, numerous components of the einsunternull are original "Berlinisch": From the hand-made tableware from Berlin manufacturers to the location itself, where the Stasi sat in GDR times.

Seasonal dishes

The kitchen adapts to the different seasons and accepts the differences. This means that regional cuisine can be offered throughout the year, which always creates something new.