Organic leather | Made in Germany | No plastic

The Berlin designer brand offers luxury leather bags made from 100% vegetable tanned leather - made in Germany. The tanning agent used is innovative, which comes from olive bam leaves that were previously burnt directly after the olive harvest. In this way, by-products of the harvest are reused.


jerome studio


Local production

The atelier of Jérome Studio, in which the drafts and designs are created, is located in Berlin Kreuzberg. In addition, the factory is also in the area, which guarantees fair working conditions. A bicycle courier can also be used for deliveries to Berlin customers in order to ensure environmentally friendly local service.

Timeless and long-lasting designs

The design is timeless, modern and should withstand fast-moving trends. This means that functionality as well as aesthetics are the focus of the collections. The longevity is also supported by the high quality of the leather.

Sustainable materials and packaging

The leather comes exclusively from by-products of meat production. For this purpose, the suppliers are selected on the basis of strict standards.For the tanning process of the leather bags, Jérome Studio uses an 100% sustainable olive leaf tanning agent. This means that the tanning residues are also recyclable. Furthermore, the packaging material is reduced to a minimum and is completely plastic-free.

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