Laboratory diamonds | Innovative technology | Tree planting through proceeds

Lark & ​​Berry offers collections made from cultured laboratory diamonds and ethical gold. The company was founded in 2018 in London by Laura Chavez. It has always been the founder's dream to establish a high-quality jewelry brand, but the controversial reputation of diamond mining always kept her from doing so.Until she came across the innovative possibility of producing diamonds in the laboratory. Lark & Berry offers artfully crafted jewellery made from cultured diamonds.


lark and berry
lark and berry


Real, sustainable (laboratory) diamonds

For the production of the laboratory diamonds, the natural cycle of diamond formation is imitated with the help of an innovative technology. Cultured diamonds are therefore 100% real diamonds. No difference can be seen with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass. The quality corresponds to the highest purity grade, which only 2% of the world's mined diamonds meet.

Less pollution, more environmental protection

In addition, fewer emissions are released during production, less waste is generated and less water is used. The company also plants 5 trees for every piece of jewelry purchased. With its corporate philosophy, Lark & ​​Berry stands for the term New Luxury.

Bridge between innovation and tradition

Lark & ​​Berry is constantly looking for innovative and sustainable solutions. However, traditional craftsmanship is not lost sight of. This approach is also reflected in the design. On the one hand, the brand offers high quality and thus durability. On the other hand, playful jewellery creations create modern design.

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