Lab-grown diamonds | Made in Germany | Ecological production

mandana stands for diamond jewelry from Germany that expresses ecological and ethical values. Lab-grown diamonds enable luxurious and ethically correct diamond jewelry for the next generation. At its Essen site, the brand produces laboratory diamonds under the name Nevermined, making it one of the first manufacturers of sustainable, transparent and conflict-free diamonds for the jewelry industry.




The biggest influence on the production of sustainable diamond jewelry is the diamonds themselves. A diamond that sparkles in the sunlight often does not reveal the questionable practices behind the extraction of mined diamonds. Founder Christine Marhofer recognized from the beginning that natural diamonds were not in line with her vision of sustainable jewelry.

Environmentally friendly production

mandana stands for diamond jewelry from Germany that expresses ecological and ethical values. Lab-grown diamonds make it possible to combine luxury and sustainability. The brand produces laboratory diamonds specifically for this purpose at its Essen site. Through intensive research, the process engineers have developed lab-grown diamonds with high purity. The entire production is carried out 100% from renewable energy. The aim is to generate most of the electricity required in-house in the near future. The finished diamonds are optically, chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds.

Pioneering work in Germany

Under the name Nevermined, the brand is one of the first manufacturers in Germany of conflict-free diamonds. Whether a diamond is of natural origin or was created in a laboratory cannot be distinguished with the naked eye by laypeople. The cultivated gemstone is clearly identified by the laser engraving on the girdle - the edge of the stone. The way in which the carbon was inserted into the diamond lattice also provides information about the stone's origin. Lab-grown diamonds can be produced without deforestation or soil pollution and guarantee fair working conditions.

True Conscious Luxury

mandana values ​​status symbols that focus on sustainability: renewable raw materials, alternative materials and fair pay. That's why the brand uses recycled gold (18 carat) for its collections. Each individual piece is made by hand and packaged in vegan jewelry cases made from Oleatex, a leather alternative made from organic waste from the olive industry. The fabric straps are also made from innovative yarn from NewLife made from recycled PET bottles. When it comes to social justice, the brand works with EarthChild eV. This South African non-profit organization supports disadvantaged children and young people in townships and rural areas through environmentally oriented education programs.

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