Custom-made box spring beds | FSC solid wood | Vegan leather

Mozart Betten combines design and sleeping comfort with a focus on sustainability. The box spring beds are made of durable FSC-certified solid wood and recycled materials. With technologies such as organic glue and vegan artificial leather, the brand offers environmentally friendly alternatives. Energy-efficient production and the avoidance of waste through custom-made beds as well as the reuse of returns underline Mozart Betten's commitment to sustainability. An intuitive configurator enables solutions for individual customer requirements.


Mozart beds
Mozart Bed

Mozart box spring bed - SUSTAINABILITY

Mozart beds combine design and sleeping comfort. The box spring beds are designed to last as they are made from FSC-certified solid wood and have a lifespan of over 20 years. All upholstery fabrics are made from recycled materials and are OEKO-TEX certified, which further reduces the ecological footprint.

Sustainable materials and technology

The brand uses innovative technologies and sustainable materials to manufacture the beds. The anti-creaking technology uses organic glue to prevent wooden parts from rubbing, which not only increases the service life but also minimizes the use of chemicals. The company also offers vegan artificial leather made from recycled materials, which is an animal-friendly alternative. Production is energy-efficient in Europe and largely done by hand to ensure high quality workmanship and to meet individual customer requirements.

Energy-efficient production and CO2 compensation

The brand cooperates with to offer customers CO2 compensation. To avoid waste, the brand only produces to order. Returns are either resold or donated to charity so that no waste is generated. The intuitive configurator allows customers to design their beds according to size, fabric and color. This not only ensures a tailor-made product, but also promotes conscious consumption as unnecessary transport and storage are avoided.

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