East African crafts | Modern designs | Local promotion

In order to produce unique interior pieces, Qasa Qasa cooperates with artisans, NGOs and community groups in East Africa. The result: Ethical products, traditionally handcrafted but modernly designed. Thereby, promoting local artists who use natural materials that are free from harmful substances, artificial colors and bleaches.


QASA QASA sustainable kitchen utensils


Contemporary East African design

The company explores the diverse skills of artisans in East Africa. All products are handcrafted from local materials, taking ethical production and fair wages into account. To this end, the company cooperates with local artists, communities and NGOs. Each product therefore has its own story.

Local and fair materials

The materials range from local wood, African cotton and Eri silk to local grasses. Glass containers are made from old wine bottles and the horn used is a by-product of the food industry. The textiles are produced by a certified fair trade organization in Ethiopia. The materials are processed by hand and are free from harmful substances, artificial colors and bleaching agents.

Support and promotion of communities

Under "Meet the Makers", you can get to know the sponsored artists and communities directly. The partner NGOs also support refugee women in Tanzania and groups of people with disabilities in Rwanda. Last but not least, the company donates around a monthly profit to various charities every year.

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