Nordic design | Local craftsmanship | Social responsibility

Form & Refine represents the new generation of interior brands. The Danish company combines carefully selected materials and traditional craftsmanship with modern nordic design. The materials come from all over the world and are processed directly by local artisans in the countries of origin. In this way, the traditional art of manufacturing is preserved through the long-lasting design pieces.


sustainable design
Form and Refine sustainable design


A design philosophy which protects the earth

As the sustainable materials are directly processed in their country of origin, the expertise of local artisans is adopted, while the CO2 footprint is reduced. For example, the wood is derived from the Damsbo forest in Denmark, whereas the ceramics are manufactured in Alcobaça in Portugal, a place which is known for its traditional pottery techniques.

Preservation of local craft workshops

Social aspects and the maintenance of craft businesses are of particular importance to the design label. The company therefore maintains fair partnerships with cooperatives as well as small manufacturers. Among these partnerships is a bond to alpaca farmers in the plateaus of Bolivia, which supports the traditional art of weaving the special fiber.

Unique upcycling: OffCuts-line

With various initiatives, the brand has found ways to process surplus wood and textiles. Handbags, which are manufactured in a social workshop in collaboration with a charitable Danish institute, are made of high-quality upcycling leather. Likewise, upcycling is also applied in order to produce shelving systems made of excess wood.

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