Protection of the seas | Eco precious metals | Upcycling pearls

The fine jewelry brand from Southern California focuses on protecting the oceans and preserving marine resources. Washed Ashore's handcrafted designs are made from recycled gold and silver, refined with vintage diamonds and sustainably sourced mother-of-pearl, as well as 100% natural freshwater Kesha pearls.


sustainable and recycled gold
Conflict-free gold ring


Handcrafted designs made from recycled precious metals

The gold and silver used in Washed Ashore's jewelry creations are made from 100% recycled resources. The certified precious metals are processed by a member plant of the Responsible Jewelery Council. This avoids the controversial mining work for the extraction of precious metals. All designs are also handmade.

Vintage stones and upcycling mother of pearl

The processed diamonds and gemstones are post-consumer, which means that they are extracted from old vintage jewelry and recycled. The mother-of-pearl used is also a by-product of the Thai food industry and the freshwater Kesha pearls used are a waste product of the pearl industry.

CO2 compensation through the CarbonFund Foundation

The packaging of the fine jewelry is 100% recyclable. From organic cotton bags to labels and adhesive tape. In addition, the CO2 emissions released during transport are offset by the CarbonFund Foundation. In other words, investments are made in projects that reduce CO2 emissions. The company also supports various social projects and associations.