100% industrial upcycling | Cradle-to-Cradle approach | Minimalist statement pieces

The furniture startup sets new ecological standards with high demands on design and quality. WYE developed an innovative wood-based material that is a waste product in the wood industry. The so-called Neolign consists of 85% PEFC-certified wood fibers, so no tree is felled for the signature minimalist desk and other pieces.


Wye design
WYE design


Gentle and sustainable production

The furniture is also free of harmful substances, in particular free of the formaldehyde that is otherwise often used in wood production. All products are made in Europe, which keeps transport routes short. By upcycling wood chips, each product also reduces further tree clearance and thus CO2, as well as unnecessary resource consumption.

Consumers are involved in the sustainability concept

WYE goes one step further and offers a special cradle-to-cradle return cycle in which the products are 100% recycled: the customer receives a credit when the products are returned and the Neolign can directly be used by WYE for new creations to be reprocessed. Characteristic of the award-winning design are the beveled surfaces and a striking color scheme which mark the minimalist desks, chairs and shelves.

Minimalist design for durable furniture

Furniture with design WYE fulfills an aesthetic and functional purpose. Thus, each material used is not used unnecessarily. Through the quality and timeless design furniture is created to stay and thus correspond to a sustainable claim.

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