Haus von Eden connects conscious consumers and responsible brands. We build a bridge between consumers and companies with ideal values ​​by creating transparency. Our sustainability criteria form the basis for this. They have been abstracted from the UN Agenda 2030 and embody positive engagement around social, economy & ecology.


Communication about the entrepreneurial contribution
to sustainable development and transparency
along the value chain through fair trade

House of Eden, src


Promotion of research and development
as well as consideration of sustainable aspects in
Innovation process through Green & Smart Tech

House of Eden, innovation


Respect for human rights through the
guarantee of fair wages and working conditions
as well as zero tolerance for child labor

House of Eden, human rights
House of Eden, fair wages
  • fair work


Protection of natural resources
& ecosystems, protect animals & the
preserve our planet's biodiversity

House of Eden, Natural Resources
House of Eden, animal welfare
House of Eden, Vegan
  • conserve resources


Taking into account the approach
a circular economy, substances
reuse & upgrade as well as
minimize waste for disposal

House of Eden, recycling
House of Eden, upcycling
  • recycling


Renewable energy carbon footprint
as well as the low use of natural
minimize resources, no pollutants
in products & production

House of Eden, C02 reduction
  • echo


Preservation of tradition and culture, preservation of the
craft as well as strengthening local artistry
in times of globalization

House of Eden, nutrition
House of Eden, philanthropy


Respect for humanity as well as social
responsibility by promoting charitable
purposes and support of local communities
Take over communities

House of Eden, philanthropy