The mobility of tomorrow: climate-neutral e-bikes for city and country

E-bikes make sustainable mobility possible and attractive - how a family business combines e-mobility, innovation and design

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E-Bikeshave meanwhile become one of the most popular alternative means of transport, and it is hard to imagine everyday life for many people without them. Accordingly, a small look at their properties is enough. In contrast to conventional bicycles, they defy long distances, inclines or a lack of energy. In addition, they cover short distances in particular much faster and more environmentally friendly than cars. And not only that: They get their drivers to exercise regularly in the fresh air. Which means that they make a positive contribution to the environment as well as to the body and mind. 

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The fact that these advantages are fueling the boom in the market for e-bikes can be illustrated with the help of a few figures from the two-wheeler industry association. In 2022, conventional bicycle production stagnated, while e-bike production increased by 20 percent. Sales of the electronic variant also reached a new high of 2,2 million. Tendency positive and rising. The forecast: With a current market share of 48%, e-bikes could overtake their predecessors for the first time in 2023. They already dominate in specific product groups such as cargo bikes or mountain bikes.

Fitness Meets Environmental Protection: Properties That Make E-bikes Stand Out

The development is no accident. E-mobility brings these advantages:

  1. Easy charging: If you want to switch to the electric version when cycling, you don't need a complex charging system. The batteries of the bikes can easily be charged with your own household electricity. Some models even have a portable battery that can be removed and charged at home.
  2. Energy-saving cycling: Distances can be covered much faster with e-bikes than with conventional bikes. Time efficiency and punctuality can be easily optimized. In addition, they open up new possibilities - even people with low physical condition can reach destinations by bike without arriving at their destination exhausted. With this added value, e-bikes and the associated time in the fresh air can be integrated into both leisure and work life.
  3. Fitness: Regular cycling keeps the body fit. And also with an e-bike. Depending on how strong the motor support is set, distances can also be converted into training sessions. Means: Depending on their needs, drivers can let the engine work more or less for them. Which also means that e-bikes are ultimately suitable for a wide variety of routes.
  4. Everyday contribution to environmental protection: A large proportion of car journeys are no more than 5km. Thus, many short distances contribute significantly to carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, bicycles - whether mechanical or electronic - are 100% emission-free. And that's exactly why it's an advisable alternative, especially for shorter distances.

This is Important to Keep in Mind When Handling E-bikes

In addition to these advantages, there are of course also challenges for the e-bike industry. Many manufacturers are currently still reaching their limits when it comes to expanding their sustainability strategy to include battery supply. Why: Keyword end-of-life management. Batteries must either be properly recycled or taken back by the manufacturers and retailers themselves through repair and take-back programs. Initiatives like this could make an important contribution as batteries are both temperature and heat sensitive. If their owners don't take good care of them and don't keep them at room temperature, their performance drops quickly, resulting in faster cell aging.

In addition, the battery and technology often ensure that electric bicycles weigh much more than conventional bicycles. The consequence: Many models are difficult to carry or turn. This increases the risk of accidents, especially at the high speed of the bikes. While more and more lighter models are being launched for this reason, as well as for design and aesthetic reasons, these still have a fairly high price point.

Future-proof: Geero Combines E-mobility with Design and Innovation

The Austrian e-bike manufacturer Geero finds an answer to all these challenges. The company, which was founded in Styria by the two brothers Michael and Thomas Rath, who are close to their homeland, is based on the concept of developing an electric bicycle that should represent a revolution both technically and visually. And implements this successfully: Geero models are not recognizable as e-bikes and impress with their reduced, elegant design, while they are still equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

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How? Thanks to planning with millimeter precision, the motor from our own forge in the rear wheel hub, the battery in the down tube and the technology in the frame are practically invisible and cleverly integrated. The highlight: the Geero e-bike has a range of up to 100 kilometers and a total weight of less than 20 kilograms. This interaction is almost unsurpassed and makes the lightweights the pioneers in their class. Which also means that the bikes are easy to carry, steer and turn, so that they not only bring comfort but also more safety.

The current generation of the manufacturer, the Geero 2023, which won the German Design Award 2, weighs just under 20 kilograms and has a removable battery. This saves transporting the bike into the interior and can be charged at any household socket. Win-win for convenience as well as care and longevity of the battery.

Regionality and CO2 Compensation Underline Sustainable Commitment

Although e-bikes are generally a way of getting around sustainably, Geero is also trying to take its commitment to the next level. In addition to minimalist aesthetics and clever workmanship, the e-bike manufacturer attaches particular importance to regionality. Although the company has grown since it was founded, it has always remained true to its location in Styria and moved from the grandparents' farm to a manufactory. For example, the light aluminum frame is powder-coated directly in Styria. In short: Geero stands for Made in Austria.

As an e-bike manufacturer, Geero assumes responsibility for the protection of the environment and resources. In production, emissions are avoided and reduced whenever possible. Among other things, through the material-saving design, the careful use of resources and the installation of high-quality components for a maximum service life of the pedelecs. In addition, since March 1, 2023, unavoidable emissions have been offset by a carefully selected climate protection project. For this purpose, Geero has calculated the exact CO2 emissions. The Geero e-bike is a climate-neutral product from the very first ride.

Source & Copyright by Geero

Since consumption in general is of course never the most sustainable option, Geero offers the opportunity to get advice and to test the e-bikes extensively throughout Germany and Austria before buying. In this way, the purchase decision can be informed and made consciously.

E-bikes: Revolution in Individual Transport

Companies like Geero prove that the supposed challenges of e-bikes can be overcome with a continuous will to improve and to innovate. This positive development is particularly important in view of the advantages that arise from the synergy between cycling and e-mobility: the environment and health are protected in equal measure. And also promoted. If you want to do something good for nature and your physical and mental health, you should definitely opt for e-bikes for sustainable mobility. Every step on the pedals is a step in the right direction.


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