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Recycle - refill - reuse: An innovative green-tech start-up is rethinking household cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning tablets

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klaeny environmentally friendly cleaning tabs
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Single-use plastic is one of the biggest challenges in household chores, as are chemicals that are high in pollutants that can damage both skin and respiratory tract. Those who want to switch to a more sustainable alternative now have many options. In our article too Microplastic-free detergentsfind the best eco-friendly alternatives.

Berliner is an innovative company Green tech start-up klaeny, which specializes in the production of sustainable cleaning agents. The special feature: The cleaning agents are available in tablet format. Environmentally friendly cleaning tabs as an innovative solution for the entire household, whether glass, bathroom, all-purpose or kitchen cleaners and also sinks are available in this format.

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How do the tabs work?

The environmentally friendly cleaning tabs are easy to use in a reusable, 100% recycledDissolve PET spray bottle in tap water. The associated starter set is purchased once. Then you only need the refill tabs for the various cleaners as required. Compared to conventional cleaning agents, the klaenys show the same cleaning performance.

Detergent without plastic

Source & Copyright by klaeny

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Environmentally friendly cleaning tabs and their advantages

The company attaches particular importance to efficient production. Environmentally friendly cleaning tabs without microplastics, easily biodegradable and vegan.

Detergent without plastic

Source & Copyright by klaeny
  • The product is completely plastic-free (flustix certified)
  • Easily biodegradable and vegan
  • Complete absence of phosphates and BPA
  • The use of tap water, smart logistics and environmentally friendly recycled packagingreduce the transport volume by 95%
  • With innovative compostable pasture grass boxes, klaeny saves up to 96% water in production
  • 94% on average CO2saved by not using single-use plastic bottles
  • The tabs are made in Germany according to European quality standards: Blue Angel, Ecolabel and Dermatest seal (very good)

Household cleaning rethought

Most of the known detergents contain microplastics and a high level of chemistry. This poses a real problem for the environment. This is how chemicals and microplastics get into the seas and rivers via sewage, which is toxic and dangerous for animals and nature.

But why do manufacturers even use such substances? The reason is that plastics in cleaning agents have a certain quality, for example to avoid gray haze and discoloration of the laundry. In addition, the funds are almost always delivered in one-way bottles. As a result, the average household uses an average of 50 single-use plastic bottles a year for cleaning agents alone, as well as many unnecessary chemicals.

Klaeny has taken on this problem and, with its innovative tabs, does without plastic and pollutant-rich chemicals.

Doing good together

The two young founders Jannes Meier and Nicolas Pless are behind klaeny. The company's mission is to keep households clean without polluting our environment. It is particularly important for the founders to maintain the concept of sustainability from start to finish and to do something good for the environment even after purchasing a product.

Therefore trees are planted together with “The Eden Reforestation Projects” organization for the sale of klaeny products. The reforestation projects in Eden are restoring healthy forests and reducing extreme poverty in some emerging countries. Together with local villagers, the organization has planted over 300 million trees worldwide since the beginning.

Detergent without plastic

Sustainable detergent doesn't have to be expensive

Here, too, klaeny thinks the sustainability concept to the end: The amount of detergent powder is adapted to the hardness of the water in your own city. There is a set of water hardness test strips with every detergent delivery.

With the strips, everyone can measure their own water hardness at home and use the dosing aid to dose the washing powder appropriately. This simply means that less detergent is required and is easy on the wallet. Every household can do its part against global plastic pollution without having to make any compromises.



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