Sustainable Christmas: ideas and resolutions for 2022

How does a sustainable Christmas work? We show you how to do it with simple tips about gifts, feasts and decorations

sustainable Christmas
Text by Viola Haderlein

We show ideas how a sustainable Christmas can work. Because we all want a peaceful Christmas, but sooner or later we are usually overwhelmed by the stress of Christmas. Then will Gifts ordered online due to lack of time, decoration Concerned with unnecessary packaging, the ingredients for that Christmas dinner Bought last minute in the supermarket around the corner because it just has to be quick.

This not only creates a hectic atmosphere, but also pollutes the environment. Here are some tips about decoration, packaging and gifts to make the run-up to Christmas more contemplative.

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10 tips for Sustainable Christmas

1. Mindful Christmas inventory

A well thought out Christmas countdown helps with effective planning and also protects against rash last-minute purchases. Regularly plan small islands of time for preparation. During this time, write down all activities, gifts and necessary errands for decorations and food around Christmas.

2. Sustainable advent calendars

The chocolate advent calendar has had its day due to its plastic interior. Refillable calendars made of fabric, wood or cardboard with sustainable filling are more personal and environmentally friendly: go through the organic market and weekly markets with open eyes. Here you will find small organic and fair trade products for the 24 days of Advent. You can also fill the calendar with vouchers for joint activities and motivational sayings.

You can find more creative ones here Ideas for a sustainable advent calendar

3. Christmas trees for a sustainable Christmas

Around 25 million Christmas trees are sold in Germany every year. Loud FEDERATION However, 90% of it comes from Christmas tree cultures. In conventional plantations, pesticides and fertilizers are often used for rapid growth and against insect infestation, which damage the environment and animals. Abroad, tree workers are often exposed to life-threatening working conditions. You have alternative Christmas trees with a clear conscience

    • Real Christmas tree: look out for suppliers of FSC or PEFC certified Trees. Also look for regional suppliers of domestic fir or spruce. Organic Christmas trees can be recognized by seals such as Naturland, Demeter and Biokreis. There is an online delivery service at Organic Christmas trees online and a list of where to buy organic Christmas trees Robin Wood.
    • Tree in a pot: The tree in a pot is the trend this year. These can be rented from different providers in each city. There are Christmas tree rentals that even bring the trees and pick them up after the party, for example WonderTree. This avoids disposal, because the tree will be replanted after the festival as soon as the soil allows it.
    • Tree rental: There are also providers where you can simply rent Christmas trees, for example at Christmas tree friends.

The start-up also offers a creative alternative No night tree. Here Christmas trees are put together on a modular stand with pine green.

4. Natural Christmas decorations

Atmospheric Christmas decorations made of natural materials are best suited for winter, when we can bring nature home. On the next walk, collect branches, berries, pine cones and use them for Advent wreaths. In addition, traditionally reusable tree decorations are preferred. Glass balls, wooden decorations, painted ceramics or hand-made tree decorations, such as traditional straw stars, enhance every Christmas tree.

When it comes to lighting, it is better to use environmentally friendly LED fairy lights. If you prefer classic candles, you should pay attention to certified organic candles, which are made of beeswax or soy and not of environmentally harmful paraffin or stearin, the raw materials of which are petroleum or palm oil.

5. Sustainable gift ideas

Giving presents pleasure; even more so if the recipient knows that the gift also benefits a social purpose. Even better, when there is a story to tell for every present. There are many ways to find meaningful Christmas gifts. Take advantage of the offer of local shops that sell fairly traded products.

Make sure that you use as little packaging as possible and that you can see where the products were made and under what conditions. Don't just check sustainable online shops for environmentally conscious packaging and CO2 shipping options. Alternatively, you can make zero-waste gifts yourself, such as do-it-yourself cosmetics.

7. Gifts for sustainable Christmas

In order to avoid the typical Papiermüllberge after Christmas, you should avoid gift wrapping with paint or metal surfaces. Always pick up used wrapping paper for reuse. Recycled paper or wrapping paper from environmentally friendly sources are pretty alternatives that can also be wrapped with colored cotton cords, twine and fir branches decorative.

You can also use paper or masking tape instead of plastic adhesive tape. Gift packaging that can be reused is a great idea. Paper boxes or beautiful cloths, in which the gifts are wrapped and tied with a ribbon, are suitable.

8. Christmas dinner: healthy and enough for everyone

In order to avoid unnecessary leftovers after the Christmas feast, plan your Christmas shopping and the festive meal in a forward-looking and resource-saving way. If you want it to be a goose, make sure it comes from certified organic sources. Use leftovers sensibly: For example, you can conjure up a cheese fondue from cheese leftovers.

With leftover bread you can surprise your guests at Christmas breakfast with “Poor Knights”, a traditional fried leftover meal made from bread breaded with egg, cinnamon and sugar. Think in good time of those who spend Christmas alone or in the cold and find out which charitable associations or tables you can donate food to. With this you make so many unknown people a special joy at the festival of love.

Here you can find recipes for Christmas cocktails to brighten up the run-up to Christmas

9. Meatless alternative: vegan Christmas

By not eating meat we protect the climate, but do not have to give up excellent taste. For vegetarians and vegans, there are now versatile recipes that make the banquet even meatless to culinary delights.

Take your time and plan your individual holiday menu. It is best to try out complicated recipes in advance so that they succeed right away on the holidays. Even if the festive meal is not entirely meatless, it is worth replacing one or the other meal with a meatless alternative, especially at Christmas.

10. Fair Christmas greetings

You can send Christmas greetings by e-mail at time and CO2 to save. There are numerous providers of personal greeting cards that can be easily sent online.

If you still want to personally sign and send your Christmas mail, use postcards and envelopes made from recycled paper or other sustainable materials such as bamboo or cork from manufacturers. E.g. from Bow and Hummingbird. When it comes to postage, think about climate-neutral shipping (e.g. gogreen).


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