Living plastic-free - The best tips from Nadine Schubert

With her blog “Live better without plastic”, Nadine Schubert is a German pioneer in plastic-free living. Here, she gives exclusive tips for you at home

Mrs. Schubert
Nadine Schubert, live better without plastic

Nadine Schubert or "Ms. Schubert" as she likes to be successful on her Blog has been living free of plastic for six years and inspires countless people to follow your example every day with your tips and tricks.

Ms. Schubert is a completely normal mom with a completely normal family. True to the motto, every step counts and if everyone is a little on avoiding plastic respect, he does a lot for himself, his Environment and the future of our children.

With us, Nadine Schubert gives exclusive tips on the subject of living plastic-free:

2013, I realized that we can not continue like this. We allow ourselves the freedom to decide what to buy, litter our planet, kill millions of animals and harm our health. That is why the Schubert family ended their plastic madness six years ago and since then I have been living without plastic.

Some solutions came to mind immediately, others took some time. I never put myself under pressure, so nothing was really difficult for me. Living plastic-free is only possible step by step. My biggest helper in everyday life are fabric bags and stainless steel cans for my purchases and my blender in the kitchen.

My 3 top tips for a start into plastic-free life:

  • Tip 1: Just start wherever. Choose what is easiest for you.
  • Tip 2: Strictly avoid packaging when shopping. They are often not necessary for fruit and vegetables.
  • Tips 3: If you use soap instead of shower gel, you save not only the plastic bottle, but also liquid plastic that is hidden in the product.

My tip for a "relapse" into plastic life should actually exist, but I don't quite understand it, because if you have found out where you can get the products you need, plastic-free, you don't have to relapse. But if you do : Just start all over again.


Plastic Free vs. Zero waste - The difference is not big

Many people ask themselves what is plastic-free and what is Zero waste. The difference between the two is not great. Because both deal with avoiding unnecessary packaging.

I don't like the term zero waste. Because I think that environmental protection is more than just having a mason jar full of garbage a year. For me, taking bamboo cutlery on a plane so that I don't have to eat from the plastic fork means: goal missed!

When I started to change my life there was nobody else I could look up to. I am therefore my own role model. Back then I was pretty alone, wrote the first German blog about plastic-free. Precisely because there was nothing. But I don't need role models either because I pull through what I think is right.

I am very strict and determined, but that does not mean that I live strictly according to any guidelines. If I don't find something different, I'll just get rid of it. Most of the time that's not a problem. The fact that my family supports and participates in this helps a lot, of course.

For me, nature is an asset worth protecting

I grew up in the green. In the countryside. I live here again today. We must finally recognize that we have to be more careful with nature and have no right to take what is not ours, regardless of the consequences.

The two most common questions about living plastic-free:

  • What is the biggest waiver for me?
  • Is life more expensive without plastic?

The answers: It is not a waiver, but a refusal. I have freed myself from the insanity of consumption, am more self-determined and give my money to companies and dealers who do it better. Everyone has a choice and should make the right one.

And life isn't more expensive either because you consume much more consciously. Even if some products cost more, you save a lot of money elsewhere that you no longer spend on nonsense.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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