With more sleep to success

One in ten workers today suffer from severe insomnia. Lack of sleep not only worsens productivity, the level of negative impact is very high.

Lack of sleep, more sleep more success
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March 2019

Since 2010, insomnia has risen by two thirds among employed people between the ages of 35 and 65. This is shown by the DAK health report "Germany sleeps badly - an underestimated problem". According to the representative study, 80% of employees currently feel affected. Every tenth person even suffers from particularly severe sleep disorders. The reasons for this are stress, excessive pressure to perform and constant availability. But the so-called “screen time” after work, ie excessive use of the TV, tablet and smartphone, does not allow the brain to relax. In severe sleep disorders, there are often psychological causes behind it. This also includes bullying, burn-out and depression.

In today's performance society, lack of sleep is increasingly accepted as a modern curse. Too much sleep is considered a waste of time and a state of inefficiency. Sleep is essential in order to be more productive and efficient during the day. It is not without reason that early sleep with professional athletes is part of the training program.

Good sleep - essential for productivity, motor skills and emotional stability

Dr. med. Emmanuel H. During ng-conf in May XNUMX, the Angular team announced that they would be changing how Angular works under-the-hood: Ivy. Ivy is their new internal view rendering engine. It is the engine that uses your components and templates, and in the end, turns all the logic into instructions that run in the browser when you ship your finished Angular application. These instructions update the DOM, update the page, and so on., Neurologist and sleep specialist, knows that the seven-hour rule is well founded. A variety of published studies indicate that chronic sleep deprivation shortens life expectancy and increases the health risk. Such as heart disease and diabetes type 2. A well-known study by Gregory Belenky shows how sleep deprivation is directly related to motor response times. The result can be blackouts and microsleep, which are known to be a real danger, especially in road traffic. Lack of sleep also affects our emotional intelligence. Because even here, reaction times and receptivity are important. People who suffer from lack of sleep often perceive negative facial expressions such as fear, grief and anger as positive emotions. In addition, one is quickly irritable and impatient. This can permanently affect the mental stability.

The hero under the sleep phases: the REM phase

Anyone who sleeps through adequately long rapid eye movement phases (REM phases) perceives frightening and emotionally challenging situations less stressful. Because during the REM phase, the activity in the amygdala, the fear center of the brain, decreases. The REM phase is the time of vivid dreams, but at the same time also of absolute muscle relaxation. At best, only those muscles are active that are needed for breathing and eye movements. Therefore, REM sleep is not only important for emotional health, it also promotes creativity and the ability to deal with problems. An experiment to solve complex anagrams under different conditions showed that subjects who were awakened in the REM phase to solve the problem performed best. REM sleep also promotes the ability to acquire new motor skills, such as playing instruments.

An interesting interaction: Not only are we well rested much more creative and productive. Conversely, people sleep better and deeper after a successful and exhausted day.

Deep sleep, on the other hand, is of great importance for storing memories and learning in the long term, as well as processing experiences. Therefore, deep sleep is extremely important for mental health and mental strength.

Everything but sleepy

So who equates sleep with laziness is wrong. Today's society may propagate that it is part of a success story to get by with little sleep and to spend more time at work, but the opposite is the case. Sleep makes us stress-resistant, creative and productive. If you want to live sustainably and age healthy, sleeping should be a top priority.


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