Top 25 ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts

Discover stylish, ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts so that you can give away timeless and useful items with a clear conscience

sustainable Christmas gifts ideas and inspiration

Christmas is the time to give away. It's about showing affection and expressing gratitude. Best not only to your loved ones, but also to the environment. The solution for this: sustainable Christmas gifts that harmonize ethics, environmental protection, design and function. This guarantees timelessness, so that the gifts will also bring joy over the Christmas season.

Top 25 sustainable Christmas gifts


London designer bags

Designer it-pieces made from 100% recycled fabrics such as Leather scraps, regenerated nylon, reusable cotton or fruit leather. Processed these materials BEEN London locally in East London for functional and durable pieces. And always with the vision of one Zero waste Approach and the premise of producing an average of 87% less CO2 emissions than conventional bag makers during manufacture. The result: sustainable bags and backpacks that harmonize aesthetics and function. Stylish, sustainable Christmas gifts for eco-fashionistas.

gift ideas been london

Source & Copyright by BEEN London

Cozy loungewear

Pangaia is not only the most sought-after brand for gender-neutral loungewear, but also a shooting star in the sky Textile innovation. With courage to innovative recycling and regeneration processes as well as the development of Biomaterials, the brand sets new sustainability standards for the entire fashion industry. At the interface of the three trend-setting keywords environmental protection, innovation and Unisex Pangaia represents a new zeitgeist. And therefore definitely belongs in Best of of Christmas gifts 2021.

sustainable christmas gifts set by pangaia

Source & Copyright by Pangaia

Sustainable Christmas gift cashmere scarf

The best medicine for cold winter days: a soft one Cashmere scarf. For example from Friendly hunting. The German family business offers high quality cashmere scarves that are handmade in Nepal. With an incomparable selection of cheerful, style-conscious patterns that bring some color into the gray of the season. Naturally sustained.

gift ideas for christmas

Source & Copyright by Friendly Hunting

Luxurious hair accessories as a sustainable Christmas present

Elegant statements. Because of the artistic look of the hair accessories belongs Jennifer Behr among the most sought-after luxury hair jewelry brands across the world fashion industry. The core of the design aesthetic is individuality with a sense of storytelling and romance. In addition, modern femininity and timeless elegance. But that's not all: Atelier Behr positions itself as a safe space for women and offers them a fair, living wage. Within the framework of this security, they produce as much as possible Zero waste as well as CO2 neutral and recycle Original vintage classics, Materials..

sustainable christmas gifts from behr

Source & Copyright by Jennifer Behr


Gift idea clean perfume

Puristic, elegant, cruelty-free and beyond outdated gender and role clichés. The fragrance portfolio of Frau Tonis Parfum makes a clear statement for future-oriented lifestyles - wearers of the sustainable Scents can choose from 4 fragrance families - flowery, citric, green and oriental. However, regardless of their gender. Rather, it's about a Clean perfume to choose that arouses positive emotions, is an expression of the individual personality and strengthens self-confidence. A fragrance from Frau Tonis is therefore a potential gift for everyone. Win win.

sustainable gifts Mrs. tonis

Source & Copyright by Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin

Including beauty care for Christmas

The ethical cosmetics brand focuses on inclusion. The vision to meet the neglected market for high quality beauty care for PoC. And that is exactly what it has Epara Skincare Done successfully: The brand offers scientifically developed as well as clinically tested formulas, the care effect of which is geared towards hyperpigmentation and hydration. What else? animal welfare and sustainability along the entire value chain are of course guaranteed. This means that the unique beauty care can be given away with a clear conscience and used with pleasure.

clean beauty epara skin care

Source & Copyright by Epara

Innovative skincare as a gift idea

Anti-aging revolution from the laboratory. The innovative skincare from BIOEFFECT consists of the lab-grown, plant-based growth factor (EGF). A body-identical protein that signals the cells to renew themselves. As a result, the serum naturally stimulates anti-aging. Need proof? The product has received international awards for its effectiveness. And since Bioeffect only consists of 7 natural, sustainably produced and non-toxic ingredients, the beauty serum is a must as a sustainable X-Mas gift.

sustainable christmas gifts from Bioeffect

Source & Copyright by Bioeffect

Organic beauty

The Brand for clean beauty lives up to its headquarters in Berlin: dynamic, hyped and with a feel-good factor, it reflects the diversity of the capital in its products. In implementation, this means the use of plant-based ingredients that are both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. As a pioneer in the industry AND GRETEL so highly pigmented and long lasting natural cosmetic - completely without chemicals and of course cruelty-free. An additional clue: not only the ingredients, but also the production conditions are sustainable.

sustainable gifts and gretel

Source & Copyright by UND GRETEL


Fine natural jewelry with recycled gold

The jewelry from Washed Ashore are a love letter to the sea. A commitment that oceans protect and conserve marine resources. All handcrafted designs from the Southern California brand are made from recycled as well as certified gold or silver, Original vintage classics, Diamonds, sustainably sourced mother-of-pearl and 100% natural freshwater Kesha pearls. A by-product of the pearl industry. Means: No controversial mining work, support the circular economy as well as extending life cycles and minimizing environmentally harmful waste production. What makes Washed Ashore a great provider for exclusive, sustainable Christmas gifts.

sustainable gift ideas for christmas jewelry

Source & Copyright by Washed Ashore

Lab Grown Diamonds

Luxury jewelry in line with the spirit of the times. The New York label KBH Jewels only uses conflict-free, lab-cultured diamonds as well as pearls and recycled gold. That means resource protection through innovative technologies. In this way, the brand meets the modern needs of customers who make their purchase decisions ethical as well as sustainability. And don't want to compromise on quality - the laboratory diamonds are visually, chemically and physically identical to the diamonds extracted from mines. A perfect sustainable Christmas present for future-oriented bling lovers.

gifts lab grown kbh

Source & Copyright by KBH Jewels

Responsible high jewelery

Exclusive jewelry design with artistic aesthetics from Ana Khoury. Every piece from the high-jewelery brand is handcrafted in NYC or Paris. And is therefore a unique piece that takes on a personal shape on and with its wearer. In addition to the aspects of individuality and craftsmanship, the promotion of responsible, ethical, social and ecological practices is at the heart of the brand. Khouri guaranteed uncompromising ethics and transparency along the entire value chain in order to bring about a change in the industry. The real luxury of this gift does not lie in the Diamonds, but in their responsible procurement and processing.

sustainable gifts ana khouri

Source & Copyright by Ana Khouri

Friendship bracelets to promote the SDGs

#TOGETHERBAND is the result of the cooperation between charitable associations and the eco-lifestyle brand BOTTLETOP. Together they developed colorful friendship bracelets made from upcycling material. In addition to this sustainable aspect, the colors also have a special meaning: Each color represents one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the UN. The ribbons are not only a sweet way to give away a symbol of friendship or love, but also a productive way to promote dialogue about development issues. Extra benefit: A second tape is supplied with every order, while all proceeds flow into the SDGs.

sustainable christmas gifts togetherband

Source & Copyright by TOGETHERBAND


Sustainable pots with a design factor

For many gourmets, that is not the only thing that counts Culinary of a product, but also the preparation. There are sustainable and aesthetic kitchen aids such as pots, molds or saucepans Riess. The traditional Austrian company makes 100% recyclable kitchen Gadgets in CO2 neutral production. Even specially generated hydropower is used. The pieces from the family business are useful and beautiful sustainable Christmas gifts for hobby and professional cooks.

kitchen set by riess

Source & Copyright by Riess

Pan set with recoating service

The Olav pan with ceramic-reinforced coating and copper core is the winner of the German Design Award 2021. The sustainability factor lies primarily in the recoating service. The pans can simply be returned to Olav and given a new coating. Thus, an increased longevity is granted.

Source & Copyright by Olav

Aromatic gin beverages

A gift from Siegfried Gin to loved ones, is also a gift to the environment. In order to achieve climate neutrality, the beverage brand plants a tree for every order. What can be ordered at all? Hand-distilled Siegfried Rehinland Dry Gin and Wonderleaf as well as Wonderoak - alcohol-free, vegan alternatives to gin and rum, which the spirits with their balanced variety of flavors in any long drink or Cocktails can replace. The fact that the brand is the first in the world with this concept expands its approach to sustainability, Handicraft and enjoyment in addition to innovation.

sustainable christmas gifts gin

Source & Copyright by Siegfried Gin


Wireless charging station

Creating order in a meaningful way and as a positive side effect also relax the mindset? Easy with that CATCH: 3 from Courant. The model combines wireless charging technology with an elegant Vallet silhouette, so that all essentials can be arranged cleanly and clearly. Important: The station is not only compatible with every common smartphone model, but also with the environment. All materials are produced according to the standards of the European Confederation, which also guarantees fair wages for farmers, linen craftsmen and weavers. Broad commitments: biodegradable, non-toxic raw materials, solar energy, E-fleet, carbon-neutral production.

gifts for men wireless charching

Source & Copyright by Courant

Sustainable Christmas gifts with climate-positive mobile phone cases

Worldwide has A good company made it first Cell phone cases climate positive to produce. In other words, the fire draws more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits. As? The cases are made from waste products from plants. These are sourced and processed locally in Sweden. And in the sense of the circular economy - that also means that customers have the opportunity to submit damaged cases for repair or replacement. 100% circular. A useful gift with a green and design factor.

sustainable christmas gifts a good company

Source & Copyright by A Good Company


Suits as sustainable Christmas gifts for kids

No wonder a brand that does both inklusive Manufactures clothing for everyone as well innovatively implemented sustainability, has an offer for children. After all, they are the next generation in which positive social and ecological upheaval should manifest itself. That’s exactly why Pangaia a creative, casual way of making kids aware of better choices early on with sustainable fashion. Help shape the future with hoodies and sweatpants. Doesn't sound that difficult at all.

pangaia kids

Source & Copyright by PANGAIA

Designs for the children's room that grow with them

Everyday helpers for parents, play paradise for the kids. Whether bench, toy garage, coffee table or dollhouse - the flexible furniture from child can assume different functions depending on your needs and mood. This means that the furniture grows with the children and their needs - which in turn guarantees their longevity. Sustainability at its best. And also in production: the multifunctional furniture in Cologne is made from regional FSC-certified solid wood as well as natural linoleum.

sustainable christmas gifts be kind

Source & Copyright by bekind./Alexandra Kern

Animal sponsorship with WWF

It is possible to sponsor one person for as little as 50 cents a day WWF To become a project. WWF regularly guarantees deep insights into the initiatives - from the introduction of the project staff to background information on the flora and fauna to the documentation of milestones achieved. The clue: In addition to the aspect of doing something good for nature, children can discover new countries, habitats, animals, plants and cultures and are made aware of the challenges of the future at an early stage. Fluffy cuddly toy included.

sustainable christmas gifts sponsorship

Source & Copyright by WWF

Scandi chic for children

Oliver Furniture Designs are the epitome of durable children's furniture, developed to grow with the child and stay in the family for generations. In addition to functionality, design and sustainability are also important. With these factors Scandinavian design aesthetic and the use of certified wood and textiles. Extra plus: These seals also guarantee health protection.

sustainable christmas gifts kids

Source & Copyright by Oliver Furniture


Fluffy textiles

Nothing fits better in the cold season than cozy, warm, fluffy textiles. Especially if they are also of high quality, sustainable and GOTS-certified Organic cotton as well as wool. That is what makes the Fairtrade blankets, plaids and bath textiles from Yumeko to beautiful, sustainable Christmas gifts. Little extra: If you want to get rid of old bed linen or even mattresses beforehand, you can get them at Yumeko recycling: and thus make an additional contribution to the environment.

sustainable christmas gifts yumeko

Source & Copyright by Yumeko

Natural scented candles

Organic candles, room sprays and diffusers that enrich the room climate. For that sets AULI on natural, carefully selected resources that are free from harmful substances. For the candles, for example, on sustainable coconut wax to prevent forests from being cleared. In addition to sustainability, ethics also play a role: the brand cooperates with farmers around the world to support disadvantaged communities as well as theirs craftsmanship. to obtain. And what ultimately makes AULI the perfect sustainable Christmas present: the design factor.

sustainable christmas gifts auli

Source & Copyright by AULI

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