Repairing bags, shoes & clothing: 8 high-end services for repair & care

The Secret of Longevity – We reveal why we should have more clothes repaired and present 8 repair services where high-quality fashion and accessories are in good hands

Repair clothes
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Author: Sarah Marie Lau

What is the most sustainable clothing? The one that is already hanging in our closet! Of course, particularly well-loved clothing and well-worn accessories - no matter how well they are made - will show small signs of wear over time. The colors no longer appear as bright, worn areas become visible or holes appear. But instead of buying something new as soon as the first signs of wear appear, we should have our clothing repaired or professionally refurbished and thus extend the lifespan of our beloved pieces. Uncomplicated repair & care services that are specifically tailored to today's needs ensure that tried-and-tested fashion favorites look like new again.

Repair clothes instead of buying new ones

A new culture of care is currently establishing itself. For example, the EU has this at the beginning of 2024 Right to repair decided. This ensures that buyers can request a simple and more cost-effective repair of goods after the end of the statutory warranty period. In addition, manufacturers must guarantee that devices such as smartphones or washing machines are technically repairable.

As fashion pioneers, the French also specifically want to Fashion consumption more sustainable design and make repairs more attractive again. For this purpose, the so-called “repair bonus” was introduced in France in November 2023. With this, consumers now have the opportunity to take clothing and shoes to one of 600 certified repair workshops across the country and automatically receive a discount on the repair price. By 2028, the number of clothing and shoe repairs should increase by 35 percent and the amount of textile waste should be reduced.

After all, every piece of clothing that is thrown away and replaced with a new one has a huge impact on the environment. Through repair and care we can break this cycle and reduce the ecological footprint of our clothing. A Study of the English Organization WRAP found that extending the life of clothing by just nine months can reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint per garment by 2-20%.

Fashion refurbished: repairing clothes in the digital age

Although repairs are becoming increasingly important for a sustainable lifestyle, in recent years more and more old craft businesses such as shoemakers or tailors have been lost due to the throwaway culture - and with them the knowledge accumulated over generations. Innovative repair platforms have set themselves the task of preserving this know-how relating to the professional repair and preparation of shoes, bags and clothing. They want to bring craftsmanship into a new era. To do this, they employ specially trained specialists themselves or have a nationwide network of experts who also have outstanding expertise in complex repairs or the maintenance of high-quality designer pieces. Demanding customers not only receive first-class craftsmanship, but also benefit from uncomplicated handling by being able to conveniently manage changes and repairs to clothing and accessories digitally.

Source & Copyright by The Seam

Repairing clothes instead of replacing them - why it's worth it

In addition to the environmental aspect and the preservation of old craft traditions, there are many other reasons for having accessories and clothing repaired or refurbished instead of replacing them:

  • cost: A repair is often significantly cheaper than buying a new one, especially for high-quality pieces.
  • Fitting: Well-worn clothing fits perfectly. Anyone who repairs their favorite items benefits from the usual fit.
  • uniqueness: The older a piece, the more unique it becomes due to its patina and characteristic signs of wear.

In order to enjoy your favorite pieces for as long as possible, you should pay attention to perfect quality when purchasing them. It's better to invest in a high-quality piece once and have it refurbished when necessary, rather than regularly spending money on replacements. This means your clothes will stay with you for many years.

Top 8 Care & Repair Services That Repair Bag, Shoes & Clothes

This is where craftsmanship meets convenience: We have put together our top 8 Care & Repair Services for you. With these providers you can have bags, shoes and clothing repaired, altered or refurbished easily and professionally. Valuable pieces are also in the best hands with these experts:

  1. Allude Cashmere Clinic
  2. The Seam
  3. soy
  4. t'Atelier
  5. Repair Rebels
  6. Mr Wipe
  7. Save your wardrobe
  8. The Handbag Clinic

1. Allude Cashmere Clinic

Wellness for fine knits: Cashmere is not only a particularly luxurious but also very sensitive material and therefore requires very special care. In addition to a refresh that removes pilling or unpleasant rumors, the Allude Cashmere Clinic also offers a specialized repair service for all knitted items that contain at least 30% cashmere. The cashmere professionals manage to make small damage such as moth holes completely invisible.

Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Services: Hole & seam repair, depilling, refreshing

Source & Copyright by Allude Cashmere Clinic

2. The Seam

Whether it's a stain on your designer handbag, a hole in your favorite jeans or a scratch on your expensive pumps - The Seam offers tailor-made repairs and alterations to clothing, bags, shoes and jewelry. The service, which is currently available exclusively in Great Britain and also cooperates with platforms such as Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter and The Outnet, connects customers with local repair specialists. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies, The Seam manages to combine consciousness with convenience.

Headquarters: London, UK
Services: Tailoring, repair, refurbishment & care of bags, shoes & jewelry

Source & Copyright by The Seam

3. Sojo

If you want to have your clothes repaired or changed, simply use the Sojo app in the UK. The digital platform brings its users together with local seamstresses and tailors. Customers can have the items of clothing that need to be altered or repaired conveniently and sustainably picked up by bicycle courier. Sojo's mission is simple: to help people make their own wardrobe more circular and sustainable by ensuring the alteration and repair process is as simple and straightforward as possible. Sojo works with brands such as Ganni, Temperly London and Mood of Thought and has recently started offering repair and alteration services in its own studio at Selfridges in London.

Headquarters: London, UK
Services: Clothing repair and alteration

Source & Copyright by Sojo

 4. t'Atelier

Highest craftsmanship! The bag and leather atelier t'Atelier specializes in the restoration of luxury and vintage handbags. Whether it's a scratch in the fine leather of the designer bag, a broken handle or a tear in the lining - with professional repairs, t'Atelier helps to extend the life cycle of handbags, suitcases, evening bags or wallets. The service also includes cleaning leather accessories and refining clasps, buckles and locks. To ensure a lastingly beautiful result, only high-quality natural materials are used in the repair.

Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Services: Restoration, repair and cleaning of handbags & leather

Source & Copyright by t'Atelier

5. Repair Rebels

Repair Rebels offers a digital platform through which we can conveniently have shoes, bags and clothing repaired, cleaned or changed around the clock throughout Germany. The item of clothing or accessory in question will be picked up at the desired time and delivered back 7 days later, ready for processing. If requested, the experts can also come directly to your home and offer professional advice on repairs or changes. For the service, Repair Rebels works with hand-picked local craft businesses. For its innovative approach, the platform was awarded the Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany 2023/2024 Award.

Headquarters: Duesseldorf, Germany
Services: Tailoring as well as repair, cleaning and care of bags and shoes

Source & Copyright by Pexels | Pixabay

6. Mr Wipe

Shoes are particularly susceptible to dirt and minor injuries. That's why the professionals at Mr Wipe initially specialized in cleaning and restoring high-quality sneakers and designer shoes. The online platform now also offers the preparation of accessories such as belts, caps and handbags. The leather experts professionally remove scratches, stains and other damage, ensuring that the accessories look like new again after the treatment.

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
Services: Repair & cleaning of bags, shoes and accessories as well as purchase and sale of preloved designer bags and shoes

Source & Copyright by Mr Wipe

 7. Save Your Wardrobe

Sustainability with style! The Save Your Wardrobe app not only helps digitize our wardrobe and gives us an overview of the contents of our closet, but it also offers a first-class repair service. Whether it's small repairs like plugging holes or replacing buttons, or larger restorations like re-dyeing fabrics or replacing zippers - you can use the app to book trained specialists for any problem , who repair our clothes and get them back in top shape. With this concept, Save Your Wardrobe became the winner of the LVMH Innovation Awards 2023. 

Headquarters: London, UK
Services: Digital organization of the wardrobe as well as cleaning, repairs and changes

Source & Copyright by Save Your Wardrobe

8. The Handbag Clinic

It's all about bags! The Handbag Clinic offers an exclusive service for buying, selling, restoring and authenticating designer handbags. The offering is focused on the highest quality, durability and circularity to extend the life of beloved accessories and reduce waste. On the platform, UK customers can buy preloved luxury bags, offer their own bags for sale or have designer bags repaired if they have minor flaws. Whether it's hygienically cleaning your favorite bag, replacing hardware and handles or refreshing the color - The Handbag Clinic offers an all-round service to professionally revive our leather treasures.

Headquarters: New Castle, UK
Services: Repair, cleaning and authentication of designer bags as well as purchase and sale of preloved bags

Source & Copyright by The Handbag Clinic

Conclusion: Repairing clothes for sustainability & longevity

Anyone who uses repair services for their clothing and accessories is making a doubly good investment - in the longevity of a beloved item of clothing and in protecting our planet! Instead of throwing something away, it's worth giving old favorites a new life with the support of experts - and thanks to digital networking and innovative concepts, this is now easier than ever before! Anyone who has bags, shoes and clothing repaired with innovative services such as the Cashmere Clinic, The Seam, Sojo, t'Atelier, Repair Rebels, Mr Wipe, Save your Wardrobe and The Handbag Clinic supports local craftsmen and saves money Buying new ones would be necessary and ensures that no valuable resources are wasted and that high-quality clothing stays in circulation for as long as possible.


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